Franco Cleff's fan projects

Does anyone have Franco’s full list of his fan projects? :o

Thanks amigos

This is what I know:

Big Gundown (NTSC or PAL)
I Am Sartana Your Angel Of Death (NTSC)
Light The Fuse, Sartana Is Coming! (NTSC)
Have A Nice Funeral, Sartana Will Pay! (NTSC)
Black Killer (NTSC)
Vengeance Is Mine (NTSC)
They Call Him Cemetery (NTSC)
Johnny Oro (NTSC)
Jonathan Of The Bears (PAL)
If You Want To Live, Shoot! (PAL)
And God Said To Cain (NTSC)
Man Pride And Vengeance (NTSC)
California (NTSC)
Ringo’s Big Night (PAL)
FastHand Is Still My Name (PAL)
$10000 Blood Money (NTSC)
Shango (PAL)
I Want Him Dead (NTSC)
Sartana’s Here…Trade Your Pistol For A Coffin! (NTSC)
5 Giants From Texas (NTSC)
Lucio Fulci’s White Fang (NTSC)
Don’t Wait Django, Shoot! (NTSC)


Challenge To White Fang ( a.k.a White Fang 2 ).


El Rojo.

I saw the Franco Cleef DVD of The Big Gundown on a website yesterday and the cover sleeve looks pretty nicely done. But I’m wondering if the disc itself is just a plain looking DVD-R with the title written with a permanent marker or does it have a nice looking label? The website claims that the disc came directly from FC.

The disc itself has art on it. I think autophex made an even better version of BGD though.

when the xploitedcinema stop to re-released movies and one strange thing happened and the francocleef projects stop for unknown reason
i had take some thank god: the big gundown, i’am sartana angel of death, and my last one sartana is here trade your pistol for a coffin

Franco Cleef is still releasing excellent fan projects, but yes a great pity about xploited winding down business :frowning:
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