Forum Updates [Regularly Updated]

(Sebastian) #21

Jan 6: A new version 1.7 of the Discourse forum software will be released soon. I will post some highlights this weekend. For those interested in what is coming up, you can read an exhaustive list of features here.

(Sebastian) #22

Jan 15: The new version has landed, and here are just a few highlights that you can easily spot

On the latest posts page, you’ll see a line that shows you what happened since your last visit, a nice visual aid

The categories page has been revamped and now has a sidebar that brings the latest posts/topics. It is thus a more useful hybrid page

Some more highlights

  • Improved navigation on mobile devices (especially moving back and forth, scrolling down)
  • More links pasted into posts will now automatically expand into a preview box (“onebox”) and you can start a post with a link (Just paste a link into the title field and see what happens)
  • Email summaries (usually sent at the end of the day or week, depending on your setting) were redesigned and are even more useful now
  • Advanced search as gotten some useful updates
  • Tons of security, performance and UI fixes
  • see official blog post and release notes

Nice to see the software we use here evolve every six months to become even more useful. I love posting in the forums from my mobile phone, it just works really well

(Sebastian) #23

The new version of Discourse 1.8 will come very soon, for those interested in finding out what will be available soon, please read

or the full release notes at

I will let you know once we’re rolling live with the update

(Sebastian) #24

The update is now live. Let us know if you experience any problems. Two of you were awarded user of the month badges already :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #25

The new year will start with the 1.9 upgrade to Discourse, bringing a number of interesting improvements to the forum software. Stay tuned :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #26

It will probably arrive in the next days/weeks, and it brings a whole lot of smaller and larger upgrades to the forum, if you’re into the nitty gritty techy stuff you can check it out here

(Sebastian) #27

This forum now uses Discourse 1.9, which brings the improvements linked to above, some of which are neatly explained here:

(Sebastian) #28

We have made some minor changes to our privacy policy, however some more work still needs to be done. In short: nothing changes, most aspects were made very clear before.
Privacy at the SWDb forums in a nutshell:

  • we use Google Analytics
  • we may use Google Adsense
  • Embedded media (e.g. YouTube) is like visiting those pages
  • we don’t pass on your personal data to third parties
  • your data is transmitted via an https connection
  • We’ll export and/or delete the data we have on you at your request

etc. Stay tuned and contact us if you have any questions.

(Sebastian) #29

Discourse 2.0 is coming shortly to this forum… for those interested, the following link provides some detail about what’s coming:

(Sebastian) #30

We are now running Discourse 2.0, enjoy!

(Sebastian) #31

Forum upgraded to Discourse 2.1 / to read more about what this brings for you, read the below article by the makers of Discourse:

(Sebastian) #32

So we’re now on 2.2, which brings a lot of under-the-hood updates (it also broke a few things, images mostly, some things are still being fixed while you’re reading this)… for those interested in what it is, their product blog has the details:

On the top right corner of the screen, next to your user icon, I also updated some of the essential quick-access icons.