Forthcoming UK Spaghetti Western Festival

Hi all. I’m in the process of organising a Spaghetti Westerns festival through my university, to run in Luton from 11th-13th April 2013. Firstly, I’d like to tell you all about it, in case you fancy coming along. The line-up has still to be agreed, but I’ll post more details when we have them.

Secondly, I’m posting to ask advice on the name of the festival. I want it to become an annual event, with a changing remit each year (so this year Westerns, next gialli, or poliziotteschi etc). With this in mind, the “brand” name that leapt out was “Spaghetti Cinema”, but this is of course the title of a much-loved fanzine run by (I think) William Connolly. I don’t want to tread on any toes by using this title, so thought this would be a good place to turn for advice. Does William post on here? Do you think he’d object to the festival being called this? I personally intend it as a tribute, but copyright lawyers may differ.

Many thanks.

William is a facebook friend, in case he doesn’t post here (don’t know, actually) I can ask him

Thank you. That would be most helpful.

Oh, I should also have mentioned, for those who might be interested in coming, that Christopher Frayling is going to be speaking at the festival, and that there’s a parallel academic conference happening too.

[quote=“Austin Fisher, post:3, topic:3021”]Thank you. That would be most helpful.

Oh, I should also have mentioned, for those who might be interested in coming, that Christopher Frayling is going to be speaking at the festival, and that there’s a parallel academic conference happening too.[/quote]

I’ll wait till tomorrow morning if there’s any reaction here. If not, I send him a PM on facebook.

Great idea Austin, I’ll make the commute from London if it happens. I’m sure Phil will too.

May be tempted to come myself.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:6, topic:3021”]May be tempted to come myself.[/quote]You should do, south to north and north to south ;D

It would be quite a drive for me, but perhaps I could stretch for it… Either way, good luck Austin and I hope it is a great success!

Thanks for the encouraging response. Now to finalise the lineup, and the name.

Will you be using proper prints?

Nothing worse that paying to watch a DVD.

The exact details are up in the air at the moment; I’m making enquiries about exhibition rights next week. I’d love to get proper prints, but that will depend on costs (and this won’t be a for-profit event; nor will the entry fee be high). At the very least, I’d hope to use Blu-ray to assure HD quality images.

Austin all I can say is don’t set your sites too high or too large. Start small and build the festival. I would try and invite British actors and crew members who were involved in the genre. Sir Frayling should be able to advise there. Best wishes and good luck.

Thanks Tom. Yes, that sounds like very good advice. I’m planning on getting my students involved to help out too, so here’s hoping I’ll be able to indoctrinate them into becoming part of the next generation of Spaghetti Western nuts.

Oh, and William Connolly has confirmed that he’s OK with the name being used. “Spaghetti Cinema” it is (with due credit given to his publication, of course).

I would talk to the NY film forum guys who recently hosted such an event:,3577.msg142961.html#msg142961

Thanks for all the advice and support everyone: much appreciated as I organise my first film festival. I’ll keep you up to date as and when the details get more concrete.

Hi everyone. Things are shaping up nicely for the Luton Spaghetti Western festival in April. We’re still negotiating with distribution companies to finalise the exact film lineup (most of them will be in 35mm), but I can confirm that Christopher Frayling is giving a talk in the evening of Friday April 12th entitled “The Quiet Man Gets Noisy: Sergio Leone, the Italian Western and Ireland”. Also, Dan Van Husen has expressed interest in coming along and maybe doing a Q&A.

If you’re interested, the event has pages on Facebook and Twitter:[/url]

It would be great to see some SWDB people there!

35MM sounds great. I would defo fly into Luton for a day to see a couple of SWs on the big screen.

I take it you’ve contacted Dan van Husen. He mentioned it on Facebook. I told he better attend! You could have a question and answer session with him and the audience. Dan’s got some great memories and he worked with everyone during those days.

Thanks everyone for the advice. A quick update on the festival: the film list is now finalised, thusly (exact times being worked out but early evening starts and running until 11:30ish):
Thursday 11th April

[ul][li]Navajo Joe[/li]
[li]For a Few Dollars More - 35mm[/li]
[li]The Mercenary[/li][/ul]

Friday 12th April

[ul][li]The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - 35mm (with an introduction by Professor Sir Christopher Frayling)[/li]
[li]The Hills Run Red[/li][/ul]

Saturday 13th April

[ul][li]Death Rides a Horse[/li]
[li]The Great Silence[/li]
[li]The Big Gundown[/li][/ul]

We also have a lecture by Frayling on Sergio Leone and Ireland, as well as a Q&A with Dan van Husen and an academic conference for those who like to listen to people like me drone on. The venue is the Library Theatre, Luton (very close to London Luton Airport and Luton train station), and we have the requisite social media gumph here:[/url]

It will be great to see you there!

Great news Austin, glad it’s getting off the ground.

What’s the cost btw?