Fort Yuma Gold / Per pochi dollari ancora (Giorgio Ferroni, 1966)

in case you’re wondering, the japanese blu ray has an excellent picture quality


The picture does look pristine, nice! :+1: Where’d you buy your copy from? So far the cheapest I’ve seen it is on Amazon Japan.

amazon japan and yes it’s expensive

Have this same release and yes it’s expensive, paid around $50 for it on Amazon Japan. The picture quality is excellent, but it’s a shame that they didn’t include an English track on the main film. There’s an English dubbed version as a bonus feature, but it seems to be the same as the Mill Creek release with inferior picture quality and bad audio with pops and scratches throughout.

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That’s the Blu-ray or the DVD by Mill Creek with the bad overall quality?

The BD quality isn’t that bad as such, it’s just taken from an old original print, which has colour fade and some scratches … no biggie for me, who as a former film collector, enjoys the so-called ‘grindhouse’ look :wink: It’s perfectly watchable, just not up to the typical high standards of most BD releases.


Thanks, aldo!

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I saw this one on Netflix a few months ago and really liked it. Definetly deserves 4 stars


I just watched this one again.
If someone could update the main page: Per pochi dollari ancora

At least some of the “filming locations” were set at:
Cinecittà Studios
Mazzano Romano
Aldea Del Fresno
Colmenar Viejo
Manzanares El Real


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I really enjoyed this one. I’ve had it for a little while as part of the double feature blu ray with Gatling Gun, but hadn’t gotten around to it until last night. Nothing particularly special or groundbreaking, just solid entertainment with Gemma in great form as always. The villains weren’t the most memorable and I’m never much of a fan of romance in my spaghettis, but they didn’t overdo it and I can’t be mad at a character named Connie Breastful.

Lots of familiar faces, but the highlight for me had to be good old Lorenzo Robledo not only playing a named character & getting some decent screen time, but not dying horribly for once!

Not top 20 material but a fun watch and very easy to recommend.


Watched this one today, the Millcreek Blu-ray.
Very enjoyable SW. 6.5/10 for me.
The Blu-ray was ok, not the best transfer but looks better than a dvd.


Quite a silly film (the ‘accidents’, the fort that is in the middle of flat countryside yet supposedly the villains have built an underground tunnel from a mine to it) with a far too elaborate and convoluted plot. It’s hard to know whether the silliness is intentional or not. Quite watchable and fast paced but I’d say that it definitely ranks in the lower half of Gemma’s 1965-1969 westerns. It does sort of look as if it should have been shot in late 1965 (pre Few Dollats More and Django) rather than Spring of 1966 when it was filmed. Sophie Daumer presumably came with the French money - she and Jacques Sernas get special billing on the posters - which is why she wasn’t in other Italian westerns.