For the sanity of the sw forum please remove this page only a bad reminder

(Spuff vermon) #1

To everyone on the sw database I am sorry im a prick lets be pals and forget the whole thing

(Yodlaf Peterson) #2

Who’s Leonne?

(The Stranger) #3

Mysterious Topic ;D

(Stanton) #4

As it is now, yes, after Spuff Vermon has deleted his posts.

(Dillinger) #5

Very mysterious indeed! one of the strangest things one the forum since…

BTW whatever happened to that SD dude :wink:

(El Topo) #6

Well it’s summer time, maybe it’s the silly season.


Now the Topic with No Name.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #8

Its a two way street brother. We’re very accomodating to new members your the only one who seems to find everything we say irritating. Good thing SD isn’t still here, he would’ve have you taking a fork and jabbing it in to your head while reading his posts lol.

(Hoover Valentine) #9

Who is this mysterious SD everyone keeps talking about. Seems he left a lasting impression.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

[quote=“Spuff vermon”]Nothing silly just tired of not being able to have a nice talk with you fellas. All you guys seem to care about is what someone failed to do not what they did. So I got some news for ya. Man went to the moon but he didnt come home with a moontan.

Exception of Dillinger I did enjoy his opinions. Ennioo you are the most reasonable person here[/quote]You put Leonee in the name heading and I thought it was just a typo (easily done) but you also did it in the thread aswell.

There are so many Italian names involved in the Italian film industry that are hard to remember how to spell so it’s not exactly an uncommon practice to spell someones name wrong but to be honest if you were a true fan of these kinds of films how could you spell Leone wrong?

Then you go overboard and change the nameof the thread etc and get the hump over nothing.

I hope your not one of these irrational off key characters that joins from time to time.

I’m not going to choose an option in the vote for the time being but if you continue in this way I know exactly what option I will choose.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #11

[quote=“Yodlaf Peterson, post:10, topic:2446”]I’m not going to choose an option in the vote for the time being but if you continue in this way I know exactly what option I will choose.[/quote]Been reading some of your other posts over the last 5-10 minutes and have made up my mind on the vote.

You are nothing but a troll.

Why do these types always pipe up when Seb goes away?

(Dr. Menard) #12

Being an internet discussion forum you will encounter people who will disagree at times with your opinion. Kind of like in real life actually… I’m more then willing to give you chance but you should also be so fair to give us a reasonable chance. Not everybody is the same ya know.

You’re free to leave at your own free will but this board is among the most friendly i’ve encountered so far.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #13

[quote=“Dr. Menard, post:12, topic:2446”]You’re free to leave at your own free will but this board is among the most friendly i’ve encountered so far.[/quote]True, out of all the forums I go on this is the one with the least arguments.

(Dillinger) #14


(Stanton) #15

Nobody had suggested to sell the Boot Hill DVD.

It was only a joke!
I was joking about myself, cause I’m in truth the greatest defender of Boot Hill in the whole world. And we had explained then that it was only a joking remark. Haven’t you read that?

(Dillinger) #16

What’s sinazism?

(Dillinger) #17

Sorry I don’t know that word - google neither…

(Dillinger) #18

And did you invent that word?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #19

No one deliberately said anything bad to you man.

Some quotes from me in response to you that I thought was friendly:

  1. Hey spuff, if you decide to sell copies of cultcine for 3 dollars I’m on board! You have my support.
  • in response to your idea
  1. Watch your language young man :wink:
  • defending you against silence for accusing you of bumping
  1. Yeah I think Long ride from hell was the first one to do that. Sometimes I buy dvds just for the menu screens alone.

-responding to your long ride from hell comment

  1. Fair enough, welcome to the forum. Glad you found some movies to enjoy.
    -welcoming you to the forum!

  2. Don’t take it so seriously Spuff. We’re just all kidding here, all in good fun. We’re all big supporters of wildeast here and happy for you that you got your special gift. Its just that some of us (including myself) are not exactly fond of the film! Also, we do not like the same 15 films, you’d be surprised how diverse our taste can be.

For example, the running joke on this forum is that Stanton and I are oil and water when it comes to our taste in SWs. He thinks boot hill is gold I think its crap lol. But if you like the film I hope you enjoy the dvd.

-Explaining the inside boot hill joke of me and Stanton. I’ll go one better and apologize if you thought me and stanton were being insensitive. We happen to know the folks who run wildeast they appreciate constructive criticism we say good things about dvds not always bad.

As you can see from the above quotes spuff I’ve gone out of my way to be extra friendly and welcoming to you spuff. Its you who drew first blood.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #20

[quote=“Spuff vermon”]be sure to tell me how you vote so I can ignore your posts[/quote]Feel free to ignore my posts