For A Few Dollars More / Sir Christopher Frayling

For A Few Dollars More - my No.1 fave spag, (which I haven’t seen since being in the company of Tigger, Yod, Phil H, and our glorious leader Seb, - in that stone circle, in Almeria, all those years back) is now due a welcome re-watch - this time at the Bradford Film Festival on Saturday 12th. April, as part of the ‘widescreen weekend’.
It’s a lovely venue - smallish and very comfortable, and you’re allowed to take beers in from their bar. 8) 4pm start - and a tenner (or less) for the privilege.

Sir Professor Christopher Frayling is doing one of his notably good chats about it all - and there’s a book signing as well :slight_smile: - to add to the occasion.

15 mins by train from Bradford - on the track from Tucamcari, in a World Heritage village, lies the Priory of The Golden Apple - (which I’ve cleared with the choir-mistress ::)) and can be turned into a bunkhouse for the night/weekend - for any of you bad hombres that wanna make the journey for this.

If anybody fancies it, I can sort out stuff on a local level - recommend cheap hotels, point yas in direction of good bars, curry houses, and late beers at my club, etc. - and that offer of accommodation (and of my well stacked cellar bar) stands for anybody that wants to slum it ;D

I haven’t checked out other films on yet - but no more spags I reckon…

Be good to see yas if you can make it :smiley:

Sounds like a hell of a good time, Reverend. Wish it was within my capabilities to join you for a beer and some spaghie-greatness

Ah, the Bradford widescreen weekend. Have heard a lot about it during the last 10 years, and I wonder if I’ll ever make it there. At least I always try to be at the annual 70mm festival in Karlsruhe, Germany, but as far as I know there haven’t been any screenings of any Spaghetti Westerns so far.

Well, Saltaire isn’t exactly Almeria but then Almeria doesn’t have Fanny’s Ale House or first class curry so, on balance, you can count me in. I’m even willing to miss the Orient’s home game against Gillingham to make it happen. No greater sacrifice was ever offered by man. Also, 4pm is a very civilised screening time for the drinking man and it will be nice to say hello to Sir Chris at the same time.

Now then, where’s that Tigger hiding?

Tigger recently threatened a visit to the wild West Yorkshire - so hopefully they’ll coincide. That’d be good.

I’ll dust down a couple of nuns ukes. :slight_smile:

Would be a good weekend for me because I don’t have the kids.

I haven’t got Aprils rota yet so I shall see what I can sort out … Fingers crossed.

Was going to ask if it’s a lads weekend but then realised that we will need someone to get the beer in while we are watching the film … doh.

Excellent weekend with all the essentials included.
Beer, good company, beer, new friends, beer, Northern hospitality, beer, a great film introduced by the lovely Sir Chris, bread and dripping for supper and black pudding for breakfast. A bit of Yukele and a heritage site walk. Did I mention beer?

Cheers to the Rev, Yod, Howard and his mrs, Sir Chris and everyone involved. Well worth the drive and proof that it’s not as grim up north as you might hear.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:1, topic:3367”]It’s a lovely venue - smallish and very comfortable[/quote]I beg to differ! ;D

Had a great time though, and nice to meet some new people, especially Howard and his other half.

Yep. Great weekend guys.
And Yod and Phil were reasonably house trained overall.

FAFDM was suitably grainy and great to watch on the big screen again. Sir Chris was at his best, and Howard and Clara kept us entertained over more than a few beers after Howard almost demand we retire to a local real ale and cider house nearby to blabber spaghetti-bollocks on in. Luckily there is the newly-reopened and fabulously well-stocked Jacob’s Well boozer a spit away from the venue, which is worth a visit for anybody venturing into Bradford for the film festival in the future.