Film with a wild scene of Fernando Sancho

Just asking here since it seems relevant enough here to ask, but I remember during the SW-Podcast episode on Fernando Sancho, they mentioned a (wild sounding) scene where he (as a bandito) guns down two orphaned children after making a dark quip about their situation. In the podcast, the scene is attributed to Voltati… ti uccido!, but this could be wrong. Anyone with a better memory/knowledge be able to double check this?

Yes it is Turn… I Kill You!

He kills an old man during a raid, when the kid desperately throws himself onto Sancho in agony screaming “My father! You murdered him!” - Sancho shoots him and says “He wouldn’t have liked being an orphan anyway”

Overall this is a pretty standard routine Spagh from Alfonso Brescia who rarely did anything that really stands out in the genre. However, there are some interesting elements and plot twisting going on.

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thx for the help