Favourite trailers

(ENNIOO) #21

Not a trailer ( I am not one for rules :wink: ), but the scene near the start of the film Being There starring the great Peter Sellers featuring a 70’s version of Sprach Zarathustra:


(Silence) #22

[quote=“korano, post:19, topic:1412”]@Silence:

Crimebusters 1976

Street Law 1974

Contraband 1980

The Big Racket 1976

Fear in the City 1976

and here’s two containing Giallo elements justfor you Silence. The first one is considered fully fledged Giallo and Polizio.

what Have They Done to Your Daughters? 1974

Fear Over the City
Thanks, now when you post them I remember watching the trailers of Crimebusters, Street Law and Almost Human. Crimebusters looks very nice.

(John Welles) #23

Here’s one for the film buffs:

One for the Film Noir fans:

One for the fans of classic westerns:

And one for all the Spaghetti Western fans:

(Silence) #24

Think I prefer the other trailer for For A Few Dollars More:

(Chris_Casey) #25

[quote=“Silence, post:24, topic:1412”]Think I prefer the other trailer for For A Few Dollars More:

Me, too! That is the best FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE trailer in my opinion.

Here is one for the film SONORA (aka, SARTANA DOES NOT FORGIVE, aka THREE GUN SHOWDOWN)…

Not a great trailer, really…but, I really really like the movie itself (and the score by De Masi).

(Silence) #26

I like that trailer. Here’s a Fidani trailer that is quite good:

Anyone seen this German Fidani trailer?

Halleluja Pfeift Das Lied Vom Sterben!

(John Welles) #27

I was wondering if anyone knew where I could watch a trailer for Tati’s “Playtime”?

(ENNIOO) #28

Try here:


(John Welles) #29

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:28, topic:1412”]Try here:

Thank you very much!

(John Welles) #30

An absoloutly awsome trailer this:

(Silence) #31

That’s a Swedish film if I remember right. Speaking about Sweden, here’s one I like:

(John Welles) #32

Yes, it is. Apparently it is the most expensive silent film made in Sweden.

(Starblack) #33

This one’s a killer - many times over:


(Silence) #34

Shogun Assassin… not one flaw in that trailer. Is it for the original one or the remake? Or is there a remake? If it’s the orginal it’s in my wishlist ;).

(Guerrilla) #35

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly Promotional Trailer ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

best,best,best ever. can someone find the the mp3?


Il Mercenario


A Bullet For The General

3:10 TO Yuma trailer likes me tooo ;D


Corri uomo corri ;))

(Silence) #36

Like that one too.

(Starblack) #37

Well, Shogun Assassin was a feature compiled by US film-makers from two entries in the six-part Japanese Lone Wolf and Cub samurai saga - and sorry to expand your wish list, Silence, but you need to add all of those as well. They’re all essential, as is SA.

(Cipriano) #38

[quote=“Silence, post:26, topic:1412”]Anyone seen this German Fidani trailer?

Halleluja Pfeift Das Lied Vom Sterben![/quote]

I love this trailer: “Ein Film, hart wie ein Faustschlag”, “Ein Film, der in die Augen geht”; fantastic, also a great voice.

(Silence) #39

Yeah, great voice.

(John Welles) #40

I’m supprised no one has included this Spaghetti Western trailer: