Favorite opening credits sequences

Another topic for ‘best of’ lists, here’s mine (from the top):

For a Few Dollars More
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Day of Anger
The Big Gundown
Fistful of Dollars
In A Colt’s Shadow
And God Said to Cain
My Name Is Trinity

A Fistful of Dollars
For a Few Dollars More
The Good the Bad and the Ugly
Shoot the Living…Pray for the Dead
Django Meets Sartana
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows
The Great Silence
Killer Kid
Day of Anger
Anything for a Friend
One Silver Dollar
Day of Anger

With no particular order I love them almost equally.

But you do like Day of Anger twice as much as the others :wink:

There is another thread dedicated to favourite credit-sequences in SWs


Lol.My mistake!I mention W Django! in the last one ;).

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:4, topic:3192”]There is another thread dedicated to favourite credit-sequences in SWs


Dammit! I did searched for opening credits topic but I didn’t find it. Anyway I’m sending request to merge the threads.

In the meanwhile, my favourite opening credits sequences:

The Good the Bad and the Ugly
A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof
Run, Man, Run
Fistful of Dollars
In A Colt’s Shadow
One Silver Dollar
Viva Django (Baldi)
The Great Silence
God in Heaven… Arizona on Earth
Killer Kid
I Want Him Dead
A Stranger in Town
Those Dirty Dogs
Cry for Revenge
Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows
Requiem for a Gringo
Kill the Wicked!
John the Bastard
I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death
Fort Yuma Gold

The one with credits on a black background?

Companeros is also among my favorites, I forgot to mention it. Of non-roto opening sequences Django is probably most iconic (if we don’t count FaFDM which is a hybrid), but the most interesting directed to me are Tepepa and Companeros.

Always thought I Am Sartana Your Angel of Death had one fantastic opening credits sequence, too bad the film doesn’t actually live up to it!

A bright idea then exacerbated in Scansati… a Trinità arriva Eldorado :smiley:

^ Aha, yes. But at least the music is also very good in that one.

@JonathanCorbett-When I wrote my ‘‘best of’’ I realized that the thread is for opening credits and not for opening music score.

Actually Garringo has excellent opening theme.With the credits in a black background we have the grace of simplicity.

Also I like:Bad Man’s River, Run Man Run, Fort Yuma Gold.

I’ve always liked the way Pistoleros opens.

I almost forgot: The Greatest Robbery in the West has separate credits for cast and crew and the the first sequence with voices over is amazing, Top 10 material as regards this special category.

Other opening credits I like:

Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay
The Five Man Army (“SW” version)
And Now… Make Your Peace with God
Killer Caliber 32
Born to Kill
Too Much Gold for One Gringo
And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave
A Golden Sheriff
The Forgotten Pistolero
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone
W Django! (Mulargia)

On the other hand, a few sequences I don’t like:

Hate Thy Neighbor
Tequila Joe a.k.a. Time and Place for Killing
Heads or Tails

The title sequences of Leone are definitely the best, but Django is awesome! I like them more than the film itself… ::slight_smile:

I support the request.

The Studio Cine Tutto per tutto/Go for Broke title sequence that is home to stylised owls is kind of cool too. :slight_smile:

Day of Anger for the art work and the music, Arizona Colt for the song.

The Good the Bad and the Ugly is my favourite opening sequence.