Favorite/Intriguing Lost/Never Filmed Scenes

Hi all in SW land,

As we all know, scenes tend to either get discarded before shooting, or end up on the cutting room floor. Some Italian Westerns suffered the same casualties The most noted example is the Pueblo scene from Il Buono Il Brutto, Il Cattivo where Blondie again escapes Tuco as he robs people. If anyone knows of any scenes that either cut and lost, or in the script but later discarded, please feel free to post them.

My favorite is an Easter Egg clip from Blue Underground’s DVD of Corri Upmo Corri in which Sergio Sollima recounts a scene in which Cuchillo helps out a kid (I forget if he was saving him from being beaten or being caught) and when he asks the kid for his name he responds “Villa, Senor. Poncho Villa.” That’ve been cool.


Wouldn’t mind seeing George Hilton getting the cigarette stubbed out on his hand in The Ruthless Four.

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