Fasthand Is Still My Name / Mi chiamavano Requiescat … ma avevano sbagliato (Mario Bianchi, 1973)

(sartana1968) #41

[quote=“Dillinger, post:32, topic:884”]IMO one of the worst SWs I’ve seen so far. OK, I watched it like one or two years ago, maybe I’ve seen worse since…
Maybe it has some trash appeal which I overlooked? This might save FASTHAND after a second view?[/quote]
trash and boring at the same time!

(Phil H) #42

Starts off OK, goes to sleep somewhere near the middle (or was that me) but then gets better at the finale.
As mentioned by many above, this flick suffers from a poor leading man who is unsuited to the role and the genre. Berger is good in the psycho villain part and you can’t help but feel a stronger lead opposite him would have made a world of difference. For 1973 this is a pretty decent effort actually and doesn’t descend to any of the silly excesses of many of its contemporaries in the genre. A nasty, if simple revenge story with some gratuitous but nonetheless effective torture scenes thrown in for good measure (poor old Lorenzo has a very tough day at the office) and a pleasing and somewhat spooky finale thrown in. This is all to the good and lifts the film above many of the other low low budget flicks of this time.

On the down side, the sparse dialogue gets a little too sparse at times (maybe that’s why I struggled with the Zzs half way through), the music (although nice and jazzy) doesn’t fit the material and some of the fringe characters seem pointless or, at least, poorly justified. The squaw and Paco Sanz’s ex soldier spring to mind here.

Lastly, although the pseudo Stranger’s Gundown ending was pretty good and the custom made hand gun was a nice touch, I couldn’t help but laugh at Berger’s never ending ‘six’ gun during his climactic breakdown. I counted 19 shots without reloading. ;D

Overall, flawed but entertaining and fits into the ‘could do better’ category. Certainly better than much of its contemporaries though even if just for Berger’s psychotics and Robledo’s sufferings.

(cm215) #43

Hah, these two points are right from my mind. I just watched the film, literally fell asleep for about 10 minutes, and woke up in time to catch Berger’s never ending pistol. And the music, wow, totally not fitting for a spaghetti western but I thought it added to the weirdness of the film . All in all, it’s not too bad but there are many films that are far superior.

(JonathanCorbett) #44

I like Gianni Ferrio’s jazzy score and don’t find it inappropriate, just different.

To my way of thinking the long sequence that includes Machedo’s hallucinations and the final duel is remarkable and quite improves the film.

(Argento) #45

Really not a good film by my measure. Too many sequences need to be trimmed for pacing. “Alan Steel” was about the least compelling Spagh leading man I’ve ever encountered. William Berger does a good enough job, though, with what little he’s given to work with. Machedo’s hallucinations were a nice twist, I just wish they would have spent more time exploring his psychosis.

The bit where one of the outlaws is run over by the hearse made me laugh out loud at its randomness and abruptness.

(The Man With a Name) #46

I think this is a pretty good film. 3/5

(Wilco Vedder) #47

Just watched the movie. I must say I enjoyed the major part of it. After a whiile I even appreciated Sergio Ciani (Alan Steele) altough his moustache is really out of place.
Some nice scenes like the torture and the final shootout. But why the Indian girl and why could they not find a closer looking Indian girl.

Music was at some points irritating.

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One of my friend from France just recorded this great looking print on tv…

A custom is coming up… :slight_smile:


That’s a huge upgrade on what I’ve seen before.