FAO Uk fans. Cinema fans

Now i was wondering if any of the UK visitors to this site had considered this. My local cinema (and i assume many art house cinemas in the country offer the same service) of screening a movie of your choice (subject to finding a available print) failing that they can project a dvd but to me that slightly defeats the object.

so my local (the broadway in nottingham uk) charges £195 for this service and with it you get 30 tickets. i was just wondering if any of you guys had ever considered anything like this to show a spaghetti.

now money doesnt grow on trees for me. i’ve often thought about putting something on but that kinda dough is just to much for a film. so my questions. has anyone heard of this service and considered it? maybe even pooling in together. and then the hypothetical question of if you were to shell out your entire roll to see one film on the big screen what would it be?
do you go for a well know one that other people may want to see? or do you pick out a hidden gem knowing you’ll probably never see it on the big screen again? (and then sit in the cinema on your own :slight_smile:

i think for me it would be a toss up between 2 films. 1: the great silence. i think advertised in the program it would attract a few people and would be a great chance to see this classic. but for a selfish reason i’d try and screen cemetery without crosses. i can only imagine how it would benifit by being shown in a cinema.


Nice idea…I would buy a couple of tickets for a film like The Great Silence.