Explosive Media

(autephex) #21

By the way, one of the random scenes I skipped to on the MGM disc was the house burning down near the beginning, and there was some major blocking going on here. I didn’t notice any of this happening on the blu-ray.

(Sebastian) #22

what you guys write mirrors my impression of the disc: same source material, but visibly better presentation. acceptable noise reduction even though i think the picture could be way crisper considering… no bothering issues in any of the reported scenes. overall a great transfer, but nothing revolutionary

(Salty Jim) #23

Are there any rumours about next year’s explosive media releases? I can’t wait! More Lee Van Cleef? I would love a Day of Anger BD!!! :o

(Stanton) #24

Day of Anger was released by Studiocanal on DVD. They may still own the rights.

An EM rumour says Garringo is likely.

(Salty Jim) #25

Hm… ::slight_smile: wait and see!
I’m sure we’ll be satisfied…

(autephex) #26

Mostly agree with all of this except for that merely seeing the transfer in HD was a bit revolutionary for me :wink: - although I don’t think you’re wrong in saying that it isn’t

Particularly when putting the old MGM disc and comparing side by side, on my TV, the PQ improvement is immense.

(autephex) #27

Quoting from the Blu Ray thread…

[quote=“AngelFace, post:963, topic:660”]Well I watched my Sabata Blu Ray today, the picture quality is great but the motion has a weird jumping, jerking thing going on like there is a frame too many or too little. It is especially during secenes of movement and camera moves. I wonder is it the disc or the player?

There doesn’t seem to be any blurring just a slight jerk in the movement, making people move slightly unnaturally.

The interview extra was nice, I’ve always wanted to see an interview with Parolini.[/quote]

Can anyone else with the Explosive Sabata confirm this issue? I was planning on getting this one, but may hold off if this is an issue

(autephex) #28

Anyone have Explosive’s release of Hannie Caulder?

Huge fan of the …film… and thinking about getting Explosive’s instead of the US blu ray. The US release isn’t cheaply priced, but its nothing special.

Explosive has the great cover and I’m guessing their usual nicely packaged box.

(Sebastian) #29

its a regular bluray box, not a digipak

(djvaso) #30

Garringo DVD only
Duello nel Texas DVD only
Sette pistole per i MacGregor DVD only
Sette donne per i MacGregor DVD only

Not SW but anyway
Città violenta Blu-ray & DVD

(autephex) #31

So are those coming out on DVD only then?

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #32

Makes sense actually. Those films don’t really seem important enough for a blu ray release. DVD would be more appropriate.

(Sebastian) #33

gonna update the guide tomorrow. some other things coming out feb 28 as well


(Sebastian) #34

there will also be two re-releases of The Big gundown (one 2-DVD edition one BluRay edition), also added those…

(Salty Jim) #35

Is explosive media going to release face to face on bluray? Or should we be satisfied with the 2-DVD edition?

(Sebastian) #36

I don’t think it has that sales potential… but you never know. I think the DVD is a satisfactory item for now :slight_smile:

(sartana1) #37

I’m very interested in the Città violenta Blu-ray. Didn’t see anything about it on their website though. (Didn’t see any future release info) is that just a rumor or is it really coming out?

(Marvin W. Bronson) #38

Hmm… I didn’t know there was the potential of a FACE TO FACE blu release. I just picked up the 2-disc edition.

(autephex) #39

Like Seb says, it probably won’t happen… not any time soon, anyway. Maybe from a different company

(Marvin W. Bronson) #40

I’ll be content with my 2-disc version (when it finally arrives!).

For those wanting the blu, though, I hope you get it! :slight_smile: