Expendables - Western Style

As you know, there are no longer a lot of veteran western actors left. What I purpose is this, since Sylvester Stallone started the “Expendables” of Action stars of the '80s and '90s. Why not a “Expendables” Western where veteran western actors return to the Big-Screen for one last showdown with the baddies.

Texas Rangers [aka “The Expendables”]
Clint Eastwood as leader of the Rangers
Burt Reynolds as second-in-command
Hunt Powers
Franco Nero
Richard Harrison
Terence Hill
Mark Damon as founding member.

Good/Bad Allies
Brett Halsey
Edd Byrnes
Sondra Locke
Brigitte Bardot
Raquel Welch

This has horrible idea written all over it

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This could only become a Wheelchair Expendables film anyway, as these actors are all a lot older than the Stallone bunch, who are mostly already too old for this kind of film.

‘Drop that weapon son, or I’m gonna bore you to death with one of my stories’

‘I remember when all of this was just desert’

Possible titles:
How’s the prostate, Django?
Kill them quickly, before they die of old age

The only thing worse than their aim, is their breath

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Look, I’m getting sick and tired of getting my posts made fun of. If you don’t like what I wrote, then don’t reply. :rage:

You know, ‘Timben’…the most imaginative, innovative, and downright brilliant ideas often come from experimenting with a thesis…

Personally, I’ll support anyone who has the above mentioned (imagination, innovation etc.), and throws up a few suggestions.

Unfortunately, I can’t see that what you propose would ever happen…but hey! Keep coming up with ideas…

I had an idea, a few years ago, that it would be good if Clint Eastwood dug his poncho (serape) out of mothballs, journeyed back to Almeria, Spain, and again took up the ‘mantle’ of the ‘Man With No Name’…
I came up with this idea, when Eli Wallach (Tuco in ‘GBU’) was still alive (God Bless Him). It would have been a case of both ‘GBU’ characters meeting again, and the audience finding out if the years had changed either one for the better…

But…ideas out of imagination are sometimes reviled, and met with sarcasm and disbelief.

Chin up, ‘Timben’: keep using the imagination…

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I reckon you’re an adult, but if you’re a 12 year old, i apologize.

Take it with a grain of salt, will ya

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Django, Prepare a Zimmer Frame!

If You Meet Sartana, Give Him a Head Start

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