Elios or Cave Studios?

Been there it is bloody gorgeous but my hat got blown off and I had to chase it like a gazelle on steroids!!

My mistake, thanks Aldo! :smiley:! A site that no longer exists, A Fistful of Westerns, started by a fan in the UK, showed some pictures of a trip he had taken to I think maybe was the Leone village. For some reason I thought he said that it was the only town left, so I’m glad to be wrong. Nice to know three are left to visit and have some nostalgia moments.

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The towns are a little disappointing, as there’s a lot of careless restoration which loses much of the Carlo Simi vision of how these places might look.

They’re still a must see … but it’s the desert and canyons which are the real stars of the area … absolutely breath taking :slight_smile:

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That was Gordon Mitchell and me in 1971 at his western village in Cave near Rome. In the background you can see that the cottages were solidly built with stone. Not a purely scenic village. Gordon had lost 30 kilos by this time, hence the face so wrinkled temporarily. Muscle men were out of fashion in those days. Gordon adapted perfectly.


Very cool photo! And welcome to the site.

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not Cave!!!

At that time, the films shot in Cave were offered including English dubbing for $400,000. That could not go well for long :slight_smile: