Edge - Amazon Instant pilot

The pilot episode of a possible Amazon original series has been released! Based on the pulp series from Piccadilly Cowboy Terry Harknett (under the pen name George G. Gilman) and discussed here on these forums, the series is set in 1865 and follows Josiah Hedges, a Civil War veteran betrayed by his friends and going down a trail of vengeance. The episode can be found here and can be watched free with an Amazon Prime subscription!

I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, gonna do so with my brother either tonight or tomorrow, so please no spoilers! What do you all think?

I thought it was grossly and needlessly violent, over the top and with too much horrible CGI. On the plus side, it really stuffed everything into the pilot episode the genre had to offer…

I thought it was ok for a watch but there was something a bit cheap looking about it, some good action scenes but as Seb said, suffered from some poor CGI.