DVD Reviews collection topic

Here’s a place where you can post links to really good reviews of Spaghetti Western DVDs.

I’ll start by posting a range of reviews that www.dvdverdict.comhttp://www.dvdverdict.com has done in the past

ACE HIGH - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/acehigh.php

QUIEN SABE - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/bulletforgeneral.php

COMPANEROS - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/companeros.php

TEXAS, ADIOS - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/texasadios.php

DJANGO - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/django.php

FOUR OF THE APOCALYPSE - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/fourapocalypse.php

THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/goodbadandugly.php

THE SPAGHETTI WESTERN COLLECTION - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/spagettiwestern.php

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/onceupontimeinwest.php

A MAN CALLED SLEDGE - http://www.dvdverdict.com/reviews/mancalledsledge.php

found an interesting link:

My reviews on filmboob.nl (Dutch) incl. poster & cover images, screenshots:

Django the Bastard

The Five Man Army


The Grand Duel

This Man Can’t Die

Gunfight at Red Sands

God’s Gun

Any Gun Can Play

nice maybe we can include some of that text and material into the database?

Be my guest. I had not really been paying attention to the topic title though. Those reviews of mine are movie reviews, not dvd reviews. My pseudonym is Yahhrrrrm on filmboob.nl (I didn’t make it up), but you probably figured that out already. If you decide to use text of mine, please credit me as Harm Siepel.
Some more:

Arde, Baby, Arde (Dead Aim)

Dollar for the Dead

A Fistful of Dynamite

My Name is Nobody

(thanks to Mark for the Japanese cover)