[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

(Bad Lieutenant) #1101

Thanks. German dub is no problem for me. Kinda suspected that Dollar Between the Teeth to be the cut version. Too bad.

(Rutledal) #1102

I know nothing of the video quality though.

(Rutledal) #1103

Anyone have the new Koch release of May God Forgive You… But I Won’t? I pre-ordered it so long ago that it ended up being shipped to my mother’s address so I can’t actually watch it in the near future, but if anyone else could share some info, post some screenshots maybe that would be great.


^I know nothing, i don’t think it was ever released.

(Rutledal) #1105

Okay, I just know it was supposed to ship a week ago.

(Sundance) #1106

The date Amazon had (still has…), 31st of December, is just something they sometimes use when the product doesn’t actually have any kind of release date anymore. I think the date on that particular disc has been like that since somewhere in 2011. :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #1107

Yes, it is not released and it hasn’t any release date yet.

(Stanton) #1108

Truth is only one day later:

The long announced Koch release of May God Forgive You… But I Won’t is now definitely cancelled. Koch has given the rights back as it was impossible to become a proper DVD master.

(Rutledal) #1109

4 releases coming from Explosive Media in March.

Gunfight at Red Sands

Seven Guns for the MacGregors

7 Women for the MacGregors

And finally Garringo

All with English audio.

(Andy) #1110
Shout! Factory are releasing July 9

Movies 4 You: Spaghetti Westerns

Has anyone viewed A Pistol for Ringo and the Return of Ringo from this set?? I’m thinking this might be the closest thing I’ll get to a good region 1 copy of these films…should I go for it?

(Jonny Powers) #1111

Well, if you have the In the Tradition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly box set, then this isn’t necessary since it’s just the same films as in there. As for the prints, I remember them to be pretty good, all widescreen save one, really nice for a “cheapo” set. Think they pulled prints from the Japanese SPO releases for some of the films, not sure about the others.

The Tradition set can be found at Fry’s Electronics for a meager $10:

(Andy) #1112

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(sartana1) #1113

For a cheapo set not bad. Some of the movies look decent. Mostly not remastered, VHS quality. I was disappointed that They Call Him Cemetery picture is not good and the Audio is bad also. But 20 movies for $10 cant complain.

(Jonny Powers) #1114

Well, with They Call Him Cemetery, that’s the best English print there is :stuck_out_tongue:

(sartana1) #1115

Thats why I was disappointed :wink: I have the Koch German DVD and its remastered. looks amazing but no English

(Jonny Powers) #1116

Yeah, it’s the Franco Cleef print they’re using, taken from an old South African vhs. Love to see this with much better audio, one of my personal favorites!

(Marvin W. Bronson) #1117
Has anyone viewed A Pistol for Ringo and the Return of Ringo from this set??

I bought that and was pleased. I’ve only watched those two films from the set, though. Decent prints. I can’t comment on the others.

(Andy) #1118
I bought that and was pleased. I've only watched those two films from the set, though. Decent prints. I can't comment on the others.

Great to hear. I decided to go with the 4 film Ringo DVD because I mostly just wanted the 2 Ringo films and I can’t order from fry’s electronics because I’m in Canada.

(chuck connors brother) #1119

Ah yeah the quality is pretty good for the price but disappointing compared to the koch discs (and the shout Django double features) … 7 Dollars on Red (from the other movies 4 you disc) won’t even play for me

(Rutledal) #1120

The picture quality is good, not Koch good, but for a budget release it is as good as you can get, it is sadly in widescreen cropped to full screen so it is missing a bit of picture on the sides. With the Ringo films Koch is the way to go, no two ways about it.