Don’t Wait, Django … Shoot! / Non aspettare Django, spara (Edoardo Mulargia, 1967)

(The Stranger) #41

You’ll be thrilled.
Mulargia’s masterpiece. But I think all of his Western quite well.
I had recently the opportunity to see Vayas con Dios, gringo. Absolutely recommended.
And Don’t Wait, Django … Shoot! is also one of those small films that know to please. Only problem is the German Synchro. But this is a problem for many SW. :wink:

(Phil H) #42

A mixed bag for me, this one.
Two Rassimov’s for the price of one has to be a good thing. I’m a big fan of both but, sadly, Rada is underused and Ivan was always more effective in Gialli and Crime films in my opinion despite being uber cool in anything. Mussolini made a good villain but was introduced far too late. The movie is three quarters of an hour in before he turns up and meanwhile we have had a succession of other, bad guys who are introduced as important figures and then knocked off as if they were bit parts. It is only after about an hour that it seems to gel at all and then it is almost over. The script is almost non existent and the story would fit on the back of a fag packet.
All in all the most memorable part about it was the fabulous open air house. So much sunlight in it the actors have to squint indoors and ridiculous shadows falling all over the place. Haven’t seen a set like this used outside of a silent film and even they used to diffuse the natural light better. Awful, yet strangely pleasurable.
Still, not one I could recommend with a clear conscience to anyone but a die hard fan.

(chuck connors brother) #43

Yeah the score is pretty powerful …I love the scene where Ivan Rassimov walks out of the saloon into a duel and the main theme kicks in.

(ENNIOO) #44

The town drunk and the grave digger are pretty funny characters in this, in fact the drunk deserves a Goldstar. In fact all the characters are a good mix, and could not ask for better really. Like mentioned previously the music is effective. Super simple plot, but it works as loads of Spaghetti style in this one. Stylish and very enjoyable western.

(TucoBene) #45

Sorry, ENNIOO, but I completely disagree. To me it’s a definitely highly overrated IW. Ivan plays his anti-hero without any charisma – the whole story is developing completely free of suspense, drama or surprise. The main protagonists remain static (except Spalla) and the often used lengthy close-ups are a failed attempt to imitate Leone IMO. The sidekicks are more or less annoying. Taken all in all this movie desperately seeks to be stylish and uber cool by copying genre examples but is littered with shortcomings. Puhh – any (unintended) positive aspects? Yes, Rada :stuck_out_tongue: and the roofless farmhouse ;D.

(ENNIOO) #46

Thats fine. Thats one of the many things that make this forum great, all the different opinions :slight_smile: .

(The Man With a Name) #47

Retro Vision is supposed to be releasing this on DVD.

(p.pereira) #48

Just watch it for the second time. I still find it confusing and on this run I noticed some mistakes that @scherpschutter mention, the house without a roof, how do I miss that on the first run?! Really stupid mistake. Also I pretty sure that in the beginning of the movie there are some scenes where you can noticed the electricity poles in the background. But overall I like it as it is, a simple spaghetti with lots of killing, decent sets. Although it could have been better if Ivan Rassimov had tried to do some less taciturn acting.

(Sebastian) #49

the home video rights seem to be on the market again (Germany), let’s hope someone jumps at the opportunity