Does anybody know where i can find dvds of johnny hamlet and vengeance is mine,?

I’ve been looking to purchase these two movies but am having trouble finding them on dvd if anyone here could help me locate where to buy them it would be appreciated. Thanks.

Both can be found through a search of the database.
Johnny Hamlet:
I’ll assume you’re an English speaker; this has either the US Wild East release which can be gotten form Amazon (link provided) or from, their website.

Vengeance is Mine:,000_dollari_ti_ammazzo/DVD
Good luck on this one though. Either grab the German Django box and watch with subs or manage to snag a copy of the Brazilian fullscreen DVD somewhere.

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Thanks for the help amigo, ive wanted to watch these two for sometime as ive heard great things about each one, thanks again for the help.

For Johnny Hamlet, there’s also the rare Yellow Koch Media dvd as well which is In Italian or German with English subtitles.

There are 10 sellers of it on so it really isn’t rare. Not that expensive either. The only borderline rare spaghetti western release I can think of is A Fistful of Trailers. Some may have high price tags but as long as there are always one or more copies available they really aren’t rare. Depends on your definition of rare of course.

I haven’t bought much films on amazon for a while, but I thought it was quite rare, considering I bought it a few years ago for around 25 euros, back when it was fairly elusive. Now its all much lower pricing, and makes me wish I picked it up now.

Speaking of the Fistful of Trailers, I think there’s one on ebay for sale. Spied it yesterday, but I already have a copy.

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Yeah prices fluctuate but any normal release really shouldn’t cost very much, ever :slight_smile: Thanks for the heads up regarding Fistful of Trailers. The only one missing from my Wild East collection apart from a couple of the latest releases.

There’s an English dubbed DVDR of Vengeance… on iOffer. I got mine there a few years and it’s surprisingly good if I remember right. Only problem it’s £28 here in the UK, (don’t what that is to you), and I seem to remeber only paying about £15.

But you could have got it for $3 here. “100,000 PER KILLING” is the same film, I think. It is also listed as “Vengeance is Mine” on the list. If you have to buy a DVD-R, make sure it’s really cheap.