Do spaghetti westerns and girlfriends go together?

Is this a problem that is the same all over the world, or am I the only one?
wy cant my girlfriend be as excited about a spaghetty western as me, do mthere excist any woman that like spaghetties? is this a global problem?

I can imagine this problem. Cause girls don’t really like this…it is too boring. But I know 2 female friends of mine, who really want to do a western night with me. But this is maybe not because of the western ;D

my gf once fell asleep during OUATITW, but she was very tired. she said she’d like to watch it again some time :wink:

girls have a problem with a) long movies b) the beauty of cinematography and c) dirty cowboys and gunshots

My “other half” can’t stand SW’s. I have to wait until she goes out to watch them. I have caught her whistling along to the music on occasion so there is some hope she might develop an interest.

Some girls actually like spaghettis, and why shouldn’t they really?

And you know we even had a member on this forum, Nobody!

my girlfiend finds it funny that I am so addictive watching and collecting spaghetties, but the only thing what she says while Im watching a sw is “can you make the sound a little bit lower”. I think she liked il pistolero dell´ave maria,
it had a few soap aspects in the story.
Further she allways falls a sleep during a spaghetti or she starts doing something elws, so the best thing to do is watch a sw alone atnight with a nice cold beer in your hand and your feet on the table :wink:

Well I guess I am one of the lucky ones,my wife likes SW’S ,but she does prefer certain ones ala GBU,OUTITW,My name is Nobody and a few others…I think she is more a fan of Morricone though LOL

Van James

[quote=“tom, post:1, topic:365”]Is this a problem that is the same all over the world, or am I the only one?
wy cant my girlfriend be as excited about a spaghetty western as me, do mthere excist any woman that like spaghetties? is this a global problem?[/quote]
My girlfriend had it with westerns in general. I let her watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and she liked it alot. So there’s hope, just don’t start with films like Once Upon a Time in the West but try some films that are lighter of tone.

I just came across this quite old topic and found it really interesting. ::slight_smile: As Silvanito said, I’m a girl and I LOVE western in general and above all SW. I don’t know, maybe I’m not ‘normal’ hence it’s not that easy to find a woman who can appreciate this genre. ;D
I like SW not only for the handsome guys acting in them ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) but their originality, music, and (from a cinematographic point of view) for the way the scenes are filmed. Even in a “B- spaghetti western” the images are just breathtaking and they really give an extra dramatic perspective.

Well, boys, I hope that you’ll finally get to convince your girlfriends that SW are just great movies to watch !
Success :wink:

Why can’t all girls be like you :wink:

Yeah, i find this subject quite interesting. I got into regular westerns as a little kid, and then rapidly moved onto spaghetti’s after seeing For a Few Dollars More. I don’t know any other women who like these kinds of films. Then again, it’s pretty much the same with guys. The one i live with won’t watch them at all, and pretty much describes them up as “silly and weird”!!! >:( This coming from a man who likes Steven Segal films! :stuck_out_tongue: I think Nobody summed up the reasons to like SW’s so much already, (and the good looking men are a bonus for us girls of course). :stuck_out_tongue: ::slight_smile:

Well I just watched Per 100.000 Dollari t’ammazzo last night with my girlfriend, and she really enjoyed it - she is a big fan of Franco Nero (its the grizzle…!).

do spaghetti westerns and girlfriends go together?

Any particular reason for that?

Hah, just joking. Usually the girls I have known have liked Leone’s dollar-trilogy but I’ve never met anyone who’d be really enthusiastic about the genre.

my girlfriend loves spaghetti westerns, although I didn’t know that when we started seeing each other! she loves horses, so I think that has a lot to do with it :wink: whenever I buy any new ones, I get told off if I watch them before she has a chance to come round and see them with me. the only ones she can’t be bothered with are those that are in italian with subtitles

well, if you just talk about spaghetti western all day, then you got problem or you’re a damm geek. My, ex-girlfriend likes spaghetti western ( she means with that… the dollar trilogy, that’s it bout).


Hm. I made the experience that it does go togehter. Although my girlfriend doesn`t like those bloddy violent flics she is sitting next to me saying nothing and let me watch it :wink: Or she’s reading. But she accepts my fanatism :smiley:

It absolutely depends on the individual and the movie in question. For example, just about anyone – male or female – can appreciate a great movie such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Spaghetti or not, it’s recognized as one of the greatest movies in film history, and it’s hard not to appreciate the artistry involved. However, the deeper you delve into the genre, the lesser the overall quality of the films becomes, and I believe that’s when Spaghettis start becoming a hardsell for the wives and girlfriends. The machismo and over-the-top violence – not to mention the way women are generally treated in these movies – is obviously tailored to male audiences.

Talking from experience here, my wife would gladly sit down and watch any of the Dollars films with me, because they are truly classic movies that just about anyone can enjoy. Same goes for other non-Spaghetti Eastwood films such as Unforgiven and Hang Em High. (Eastwood in general has a pretty decent female following I’d presume.) However, I don’t think she’d sit through something like Django or Death Rides A Horse, these are films that in my opinion you would have to be a true fan of the genre to appreciate.

I watched films like Run, Man, Run, Django and Keoma with my ex-girlfriend and she liked 'em but Four of the Apocalypse was too much for her. Too much excessive violence and the rape scene was just too much.