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MEMBERS, I AM A NEWBIE, I AM FAMILIAR WITH THE EASTWOOD LEONES, THE SABATAS—i also have seen several terence hill/bud spencers [which i like for laughs]–although GOD FOR FORGIVES, I DON’T is more serious----i watched today [ i think isaw it 25-30 years ago] DJANGO! this is an excellent dark western m with extreme violence [ears and metacarpals beware!]–nero is the classical spag-western hero[blue eyed , dour] and it works fine. corbucci[spelling] has a darker edge than leone–i enjoyed it very much, one of the best!—regards, ralph g

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New members (as well as others), please don’t start new topics about certain film if there’s already a topic for it. little bit of searching is not much to ask.,140.0.html

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bill, please don’t burn the house down:)----give me a second chance----:)—ralph g

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Sometimes the searching can be a little tricky, depending on what you’re searching for. Something like Django will turn up quite a few hits, but the film topic will usually be at or near the top of the search results… one thing I do sometimes instead, is go to the database entry on the film and usually there is a link to the forum topic if one already exists. This isn’t always true but I find it to be helpful…

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That is the best alternative to trying to search for the film. I have done the same as well.

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Or you go to “search” and enable “Search in topic subjects only” in the options.

Like that you can find every movie you want easily!

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[quote=“Dillinger, post:6, topic:1670”]Or you go to “search” and enable “Search in topic subjects only” in the options.

Like that you can find every movie you want easily![/quote]

good call, I don’t know why I never thought to try that

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One of my self appointed tasks is linking all the movies’ wiki pages to their forum topics, but it can be a little tricky sometimes and i’m only human so i can forget to link something from time to time. I’m trying to do my best anyway

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I work on this too but I tend to just do it as I notice it so it will take a while.

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Same here… Lately I’ve been making sure to add the link when I start a new forum topic…

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Well I definitely appreciate all the work you guys put into the database.

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I have pointed out duplicate threads in the past in the relevant duplicate post, but people just ignore and carry on posting ???.

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We shouldn’t post further on in this thread as it should be deleted to avoid further confusion in the future.

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