Django Lives!

I think she survives but has lingering related health problems for the rest of her life!

Hey guys if we all chip in and refinance our homes we can fund this baby lol.

Agreed. Badassery is all that’s required.

Don’t worry, tomorrow is as is known the end of the world anyway. Which will be one more problem for the long announced new western with Fraco Nero (with or without Enzo G.). But surely not more serious as finding someone who gives the money.

Well, in case the world really ends tomorrow I wish you all (and also SD and zillions of more or less dead Peter Lee Lawrence fans) a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.


Have to prepare to a big bunch of spaghs and gialli, which I’ll watch just before the end of the world. Can’t wait. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is what I’ll be doing. I’ll be watching Poliziotteschi as well. :smiley:

Yep, I forgot about poliziotteschi. The end of the world and Lenzi’s Almost Human for instance. Sounds fine. ;D

As it’s the end of the world tomorrow I might indulge in a spot of Briggindage.

Fu** the end of the world I’ve my machine gun and my coffin, let them come

Will see you all the end of world then.

Stay brave… the Apocalypse is near!

Probably shouldn’t have bothered with all those Christmas cards though… Should have made my way to Bugarach in the South of France (nice place to spend the end of the world I’m sure) with the money I would have saved; ah well, c’est la vie.

Now’s the time to do it as Nero apparently wants to re-claim the title of the real Dango. In six to nine months he might not care. It would be great to see and Expendables type film with all the surviving SW greats in cameo roles one more time. If DJANGO UNCHAINED is a huge success we might see a revival of the Spaghetti Western genre but I’ve been through these so called revivals before and they never materialize. We’re still waiting for all the promised films from the success of True Grit.

There won’t be a revival of westerns, and surely not of SWs, when Django unchained becomes a success. Unless it becomes an unlikely incredible success.

There’s no money in Europe economy to produce films in a steady way even more SW. I would like to see Nero’s project come to live, but today’s equivalent of the Fidani’s and Crea’s of the past are far more and I mean far more crappy than the botton of the barrel from the past. A few Eurowesterns from then to then instead of the zombie and vampire fever would make happy

Maybe there will be some sw style US westerns in a way Planet Terror/Deathproof inspired these grindhouse style films. But new wave of italian westerns, I don’t believe it.

The only revival we’ll get if we’re lucky, is a slew of SW getting released on DVD and Blu-Ray. Of course they would probably be cheap cash-ins like the “Westerns Unchained” collection. Still, we could also get quality releases like the Django double features as well.

You’re right Bill. There is no low budget filmmaking anymore, so there is no place for new wave of spags as well. But I hope there will appear some US westerns inspired by Spaghetti West, at least a dozen of them.
As for revival of western genre… phew… who knows? The market is unpredictable, but it’s not very likely to happen, just like Stanton says.

It’s not going to happen. Hollywood is a business machine, it’s all about making money, and westerns in general don’t make a ton of money.
Hopefully DJANGO UNCHAINED if it becomes a hit, will change that, but i doubt it.
They rather do sequels and comic book movies that generate into big money.

Yes, that is the only way i’m afraid, that we’ll ever see more spags.

Outside of True Grit, Unforgiven and Dances with Wolves, almost every other western released in the last 20 years has been box office poison.

Heaven’s Gate is regarded by many as the catalyst that started this sad trend, but in truth, the western had been dying a slow death even before then.

Wanna know what those 3 films had in common? They were all great films! Unfortunately, for every Unforgiven, there is about ten Texas Rangers or Jonah Hex’s, films that are not only box office failures, but also failures from the critics. Even if the film is good, there’s no guarantee that it will make money. 3:10 to Yuma barely broke even, and thats only because it had strong home video sales. Assassination of Jesse James lost money. Basically westerns don’t make money. What makes money now are movies from other genres that incorporate western elements (see pseudo western thread).

If Django Lives is going to be successful, it must be begin by actually being a good film. I don’t want another Django film if its going to be garbage.

Nor do I necessarily want an SW or W revival if only crap is going to be released. I prefer quality to quantity folks.

Lets hope if the project does get off the ground, its going to be quality. And keep it low budget, big budget westerns like the Alamo are going to lose the studios money for sure.

I think that’s a little unfair. There’s some amount of repackaging taking place there, but we get what should be a high-quality, complete version of Tepepa; Last of the Badmen and Death Does Not Count the Dollars should be the first English language versions (I think), although neither are major films; and Sugar Colt doesn’t look particularly readily available elsewhere. I’m quite happy about the cash-in DVD releases!

(But if a good new Franco Nero film gets released that’s a bonus. I’d rather he did the one with Enzo Castellari that he’s been discussing forever though)