Dizionario del Western all'Italiana... Marco Giusti

I am in need of a copy of Dizionario del Western all’Italiana by Marco Giusti and was interested in seeing if anyone has one available.

There is a copy on Amazon (UK) but it is very expensive!

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I bought my copy when in Rome, in 2007 I think. probably OOP, but should be still available in dump shops etc. I’ll probably will be in Rome this Christmas and will be looking for a copy to replace my in the meantime worn-out copy

I seen that! Way out of my price range! I know that name! Didn’t you write a book on Italian westerns?

I need a few things to start out of it, like what Giusti has to say about Gunman of One Hundred Crosses and a few others I am including in a book I am writing. Bit frustrating!

I did indeed co-write the very first book on the subject The Opera of Violence :blush:

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I wore the first copy I owned out! The very first book I read on the subject! Its an honor!

Me too!
Although I do still own it and has a special place on my shelf and in my heart. That book has travelled the world with me.
A genuine pleasure to have you with us Laurence.

Oh wow - yes, great to have you here.

As for Giusti’s book, it’s really my go-to reference work on SWs. A fantastic piece of work.

Many thanks for kind words!
It seems like only yesterday, wrote it at age of 24 and I’m 70 next birthday!


Mike, I can’t help you out with a copy as I only have one but am happy to send you photocopies or transcripts of any sections you need. PM me if that would be of use.

That would be wonderful. My first book on Italian westerns is pending on Amazon. For the next issue, I will need info on the following films. I expect volume two to available around December 2019.
Here is the list and I really appreciate this. I will make a note of thanks in volume two and send you a copy when it comes out.
Adios Cjamango
Adios Hombre
Bounty Hunter in Trinity
Heads or Tails
Ruthless Colt of the Gringo
Blood Calls to Blood
Shadow of Sartana
Colorado Charlie
They Call Me Hallelujah
And Now Make Peace With God
Dynamite Joe
I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly
Pistol for a Hundred Graves
A Man Called Django.

I am friends with Tom Betts and he speaks highly of you. My email address is mikehaha058@gmail.com
Thanks Mike

No worries.
I’ll get on it and try and get scans to you later this week.

All best


Thank you Phil! I really appreciate it!


Damn. Now that the book is gone I want it :slight_smile:

I noticed though that Giusti is releasing a book on the Italian sex comedies:

Another favourite genre of mine so will pick that up instantly when it releases :slight_smile:

I will grab it also. Thanks for brining it to my attention!

No problem. I actually just preordered it.