Deep Fakes and SWs

You can replace any actor with anyone else. Below Jim Carrey replaces Jack Nicholson and Keanu Reeves replaced impersonator.

The Deep Fake programs are actually not that difficult to learn and the technology will get much better. It looks a lot more real than 3D.

You will be able to put yourself, any actor, or anyone in a lead role.

Who should replace who in a SW or any movie?

SW video companies could re-release movies with different actors. Plus, they have the same tech for voice. It’s very real sounding, just like whoever you want it to sound like.

First up will be Rick Dalton in Comanche Uprising or something :wink:

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Oh yeah, I forgot. That was the first SW I ever saw. :wink:

First thing I’d do is see if I could put Groucho Marx in A Fistful of Dollars.

Probably wouldn’t work due to Groucho being in black and white films though.

They’ll get b&w to color right eventually.


This is truly a wonderous sight to behold

I can imagine Groucho doing “my mule didn’t get the joke” scene. That would be the best thing ever.

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Article on the rise of the digital actor. Actors like DeNiro are being “de-aged” digitally in current movies.

Eastwood, Nero, etc… could look themselves in their “prime” in brand new performances. There is more than enough 60s/70s reference images of these actors to bring them back looking 100% like they did in 1965.

They just give a regular normal performance and their current faces are mapped over by their younger faces.

It will end up being like this: all that makes an actor can be digitized (looks, mimics, voice etc) and will be then licensed like a brand. The actors will live on forever…
There’s a movie about this called The Congress

I’ll check out Congress.

Another kind of related thing in that it brings new life to old material is speed correction of old footage. A lot of the hyper-fast jumpy undercranked footage is being restored to look at least 24 fps.

Amazing seeing footage from 1896 looking the way we are not accustomed to seeing it.

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Was The Congress the one with animated sequences?

Yes, this one:

This would be golden for historical movies. You could use “real” historical figures. Imagine WWII movie made like that. :slight_smile: It seems to be quite unethical though but you bet that in 10 years there will be Hitler, Göring, Churchill, etc. on screen.

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Good point. For example, when Josh Brolin played Bush recently, Brolin could not only have been replaced visually as the real Bush, but his voice as the real Bush voice as well.

If you know who Joe Rogan is, you will see below how AI voice/sound faking is keeping pace with the AI visual deep faking. And this technology is relatively easy for the average person to use…