Death Played the Flute / Lo ammazzò come un cane … ma lui rideva ancora (Angelo Pannacciò, 1972)

(morgan) #61

I wonder how he managed to do that. Didn’t he read Italian?

(Stanton) #62

Nobody really knows why he did invent so much.

But at least it needed many years before fans really noticed how much of the data was wrong.

(morgan) #63

I think the comment on the SWDb under Trivia that LO ammazzò was “Edited into Porno erotico western” is not well founded and should be replaced, then. Seems to me it was a rumour initiated by Weisser. See posts 58 and 59.

Also, I suggest two other editings:

Maurizo Centini might or might not have had something to do with possible new scenes added to the 1979 re-release, even the writing. But he had nothing to do with the screenplay of the 1972 film. This is I think another weisserism, and he should be deleted from the credits.

Girolamo La Rosa should be reinstated as responsible for the cinematography. He is credited as Direttore della fotografia of the 1972 film. He is on the Italian posters. He also was credited with the cinematography of Una cuerda al amanecer, which was shot back to back with the Spanish parts of Lo ammazzò. He also was the cinematographer of Pannacciò’s / Petrini’s two previous films.

Yes? No?

(Mickey13) #64

I like that word.

But yeah, changing the trivia seems like an obvious thing to do. Just add that the movie was reportedly edited into Porno Erotico Western, but there is no conclusive evidence and it’s mostly based upon some unsubstantiated rumors.

BTW, is there any proof other than the poster and some hearsay that such film as Porno Erotico Western has ever been made? Or are we just talking about Weisser?

(morgan) #65

There is this (I don’t know if it can be counted as proof, though):

(Stanton) #66


Can’t you do this by yourself?

(Mickey13) #67


As for the trivia section, if you’re unable to do it yourself, just PM me and send me the newly edited version of the trivia section, I’ll do the rest.

(morgan) #68

No, I can do it. Thanks anyway.

(morgan) #69

Just thought that as “everybody” else has somebody else as cinematographer (Dizionario has Maurio Bergamini, Giusti has Tigano Lo Fano - a printing error, I guess - IMBd has Jaime Deu Casas, Weisser has Maurizio Centini, crediting Girolamo La Rosa might be controversial.

(Mickey13) #70

Well, his name is definitely visible on the Italian poster, as a cinematographer or not.

(morgan) #71

The rest of the edits are done, then.

(JonathanCorbett) #72

Is it confirmed that the runtime of that version with original Italian credits is not 83 minutes (or 80m at 25fps)?

Hey, it’s Golden City on the poster, I hadn’t noticed that!

Sure, of course there is.

(morgan) #73

The version with the original Italian credits that I have seen (a TV version) does not run for 83 min. Compared with the Greek VHS it has a number of cuts. On the other hand, it has two long scenes not in the Greek VHS, respectively 100 and 142 sec. If they are added to the Greek VHS, it adds up to 78 min, which is all I have seen from this film. As the Greek VHS is PAL, I guess, and the Italian runs for the same speed, that would correspond to more or less 81 min 15 sec. If I’m not completely mistaken.

The Brazilian adds nothing to this.

(JonathanCorbett) #74

Yes, almost there, still missing a couple of minutes (maybe the closing credits).

And this is what Carlos has or the other version with re-done Italian title and SW logo?

(morgan) #75

Carlos’. It lacks 26 sec at the beginning, runs for 73:41, minus a short pause, that would be more or less 74 min. Yes, a couple of min seems to be lost along the road.

The Sétima Arte version runs for 76:30, but it is the same as the Greek VHS, only with Portugueese subs and at a slower speed.

(JonathanCorbett) #76

OK, thanks!

(The Man With a Name) #77

Is this one available in DVD quality yet or is the Greek VHS still the best?

(morgan) #78

The Greek VHS is still the best.