Death on High Mountain / La morte sull’alta collina (Fernando Cerchio / Alfredo Medori, 1969)

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Right, this is what Giusti says about it:

“It was presented in Italy as [a movie] directed by a certain Fred Ringoold, nom de plume of the dialogue director Alfredo Medori, but it’s generally considered to be the work of the more experienced Fernando Cerchio, who is, for example, credited as director on the Spanish language version, and who is, in any case, far more likely as the movie’s director”

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Thanks …

I will change it in the database.

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Ok film. Plot is nothing special, but Peter Lee Lawrence and Luis Dávila make it work. The attempts at humour were pretty bad though `Get my sombrero!´

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Decided to check this PLP spag and as it turns out, it’s a dud for me. It never gets serious enough to be a good western. PLP is ok, but Luis Davila fares better as a mysterious stranger. There’s a long bar brawl that takes forever with fists flying everywhere, plus a few action scenes to move things along. The thing that pissed me off was the annoying bubble-head Mexican General with is side kick as the two most stupid baddies i’ve ever seen in a spagh. 3/10

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A nice surprise, this light-hearted little spaghie

As mentioned in the review, I have no idea what this title is referring to. On one of the posters a rider is overlooking the scenery from a position high up on a mountain, and there are a lot of mountains in the movie, but this title still puzzles me. A biblical reference maybe?

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@JonathanCorbett do you have any info on the Italian credits? All I can find are the Spanish. I would think they should include Agnès Spaak (Braddock’s sister), Silvio Bagolini, Empedocle Buzzanca (Curling the pool hustler) and Alberto Plebani (PLLs and Daphne’s father).

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No, not yet.

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This was a pleasant surprise as the reviews didn’t seem very promising but I ended up really enjoying it. The fan project I watched was good quality but the English audio drops out at the end. I have another copy with Hebrew subtitles and the full English dub. Hopefully this gets considered for a Blu-ray release.