Death in the Desert: The Complete Guide to Spaghetti Westerns (Howard Hughes)

(Phil H) #21

Amazon UK has no update and I’ve heard nothing from Howard. I’ll see what I can find out.

(Phil H) #22

Just spoke to Howard and you can disregard the Jan 30th date. It will be out later this year but definitely not that early.


I’m itching to read it.


I.B.Tauris was bought by Bloomsbury last year. New publication date on the Bloomsbury website: March 30, 2020. :frowning_face:


Oh dear.

(Sebastian) #26

@Tom_B just now on FB:
“Death in the Desert” by Howard Hughes update. Several people commented that Amazon had cancelled their orders and refunded their money for this long awaited book by Howard Hughes. I promised to contact Howard and see if I could find out what was going on. Somehow I had lost his e-mail address and that took a day to locate. Anyway I sent him an e-mail yesterday and he replied to my inquiry today. He has been ill with a virus since October and i just now getting out of the house and back to writing. Originally he had submitted a 2 volume set of books and was told by the publisher to cut it back to one. This he started to do when he became ill and the original publisher was purchased by another publisher and all scheduled releases were cancelled. He is working on the revision but because of his illness has not met with the new publisher to reschedule a new release date. The March 2020 date he feels could be realized but he won’t know anything until the publsiher comes up with a date. He will keep me updated and I promise to pas that information along.