Dead Men Ride / Anda muchacho, spara! (Aldo Florio, 1971)

(Stanton) #101

I think so, only that now I don’t remember the details of the plot without rewatching it.

No doubt she was the daughter of the old man, and (I think) Emiliano was sent to jail by Fajardo and friends with false accusations. And Testi takes over Emiliano’s heritage of revenge.

(MrE2Me) #102

Ah, perhaps that’s what the court bits were: people testifying (falsely) against Emiliano. I guess it was the way all the flashbacks were chopped together that threw me off course. Maybe I was looking for more than what’s really there, too.

(sartana1968) #103

very good SW!!
the music, the plot, the characters, the villain
eduardo fajardo looks very evil close to major jackson of django

(sartana1968) #104

what shit is this???

(Sundance) #105

Phil’s new thread made me remember I wanted to ask this… Where does the title Dead Men Ride come from? Has it been released on VHS with that title or even in cinemas? I’m quite sure there are some bootlegs under this title, but are these from actual VHS sources with original title Dead Men Ride or does that title appear only on the bootleg covers (or added to the film itself digitally)?

What can I say, I prefer the At the End of the Rainbow title :stuck_out_tongue: and that is actually the only one I have ever seen being used on ratings websites or trailers. BBFC has it under the title ‘At the End of the Rainbow’ and I was certain so did the Finnish Board of Film Classification but they have no English title for it now…
IMDB says Rainbow is the UK title and Dead Men Ride English title… and here I thought ‘At the end of the Rainbow’ is English. :wink:

(Stanton) #106

Here in the forum DMR is the more common one. AtEotR is pretty rare, and I don’t connect it with the film.

But I don’t like both of the titles and prefer to use the original title.

(not to mention the German one which votes for Kneel Down and Eat Dust. Tasty, probably intended for gourmets)

(scherpschutter) #107

That’s spam, sartana, ignore it and don’t copy it, it helps the spammer.

(Sundance) #108

Yeah, it is the most common one probably everywhere, which is kinda funny if the film was never actually called that in cinemas/VHS/DVD and someone just put the title at IMDB and then everyone started using it (because who would use a UK one if there is a USA one available [even though it says, at least now, only English]).

(tomas) #109

i found this SW in a store few months ago, and probably red a review, but forgot about it at that moment,
so after i watched it i was pleasantly surprised.
good leone rip-off scenes (a very fine that scene Winchester vs. three guys, or shotgun vs. barber)
catchy music and Fabio and Fajardo also didn´t spoil the fun,
but there was something interesting in directorial approach, because if someone
told me before what is it all about, maybe i would find that story boring.

(TetsuPhoenix) #110

Not bad, not great, middle point for me. Nicolai’s soundtrack might one of his finest, really gorgeous stuff. Testi is of course a natural born leading actor for this kind of material. I do agree that the plot feels a bit everywhere, and the man with no name references are a bit too much (the wrist band, the poncho) Not a must, but won’t hurt giving it a try.

(ENNIOO) #111

From reading some past comments I was expecting this one hard to follow. On the contrary for me, easy to follow with excellent use of flashback scenes. One of those films where people communicate alot of important decisions with a nod of the head or wink of the eye. Film has a strong story. Fabio was perfect for the role, and his best western lead role. Excellent film all round, and one of the best of the 70’s I have viewed so far.

(titoli) #112

This one has found its way on my Top 20. Beats everything that came after it for me. Firmly directed, well acted and with a great score. On the other hand there is a feeling we’ve seen (and heard) all of this before. But this was hardly first time I got that deja vu, and it was rarely executed this well, so 3 and a half out of 5 peeping tom villains.

(Jude) #113

This one looks like it could have been made three or four years earlier, which is quite nice. The one thing that I really like about Dead Men Ride is the soundtrack, Bruno Nicolai does amazing job here and even though his soundtrack reminds me of Ennio Morricone’s style I still think he did a fantastic job. In my opinion the plot starts moving on just a bit too slowly, but in the end I felt satisfied with this SW (the soundtrack helped a lot). 3,5 stars out of 5 from me.

(gringo_bastardo) #114

I go for 5 stars. Watched it twice this week, on first view I was not so convinced. There were lot great scenes but plot made me confused at times. On 2nd screening story made lot more sense. And music is superb ;D

(scherpschutter) #115

I’ve seen it only once, years ago (my thoughts about it are on page one of this thread). I never went back to it so far because I was all but impressed by this outing, but some comments make me want to watch it again.

(Diamond) #116

Hi. I like this movie a lot. I’m confused only about the girl Jessica. Was she Emiliano’s (Serato) daughter or Pedro’s (Calvo)? In the flashback she (is it her?) shouts at Emiliano “Papa”, so it seems she must be his daughter. But then she acts like she was Pedro’s daughter. Maybe Pedro was close Emiliano’s friend and was something like uncle to her?

(Sebastian) #117

Cool new article by @Djangoisme

(The Man With a Name) #118

Nice spaghetti western. Fantastic soundtrack. Such a shame the English dub isn’t available.