Dead Men Ride / Anda muchacho, spara! (Aldo Florio, 1971)

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Big thanks. I will order the Koch dvd from amazon now.

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[quote=“Stanton, post:75, topic:774”]At least it’s really tragic.

Dillinger got a FSK 18 cut version, while we got a FSK 16 uncut DVD. I wonder what they added to get the lower rating?[/quote]

Sorry! I just wrote this from my memory. I had a look into my DVD library and… you*re right it’s 16.

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You started a lot of confusion there amigo ;).

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Not really. I was sure it was only a trick of his mind.

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I really thought it was 18. Is it the age?

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Just to cunfuse you guys a little…

I don’t get this :-.

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[quote=“Silence, post:86, topic:774”]Just to cunfuse you guys a little…

I don’t get this :-.[/quote]

Ahh… yes, and what did you not get?

The FSK 18 emblem? It was from a preview advertisement for the film.

But when the film was actually released on DVD the FSK rating was changed due to a new examination to FSK 16.
It’s the same film, absolutely uncut. No DVD was sold with the FSK 18 emblem. It’s anyway only on the plastic wrapping and not one the digi pack itself.


I finally watched my Koch media DVD. Hell, this was a quite confusing film. However it’s still a great and stylish SW with many FoD references. To be honest I don’t see so many resemblences to the man with no name character, there’s no irony here, Testi looked very serious and maybe even tortured throughout the whole movie. The score was nice, but not up there with the best of Nicolai. 4/5

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Everything about this film is confusing ;).

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I think this one is good but I definetly see why people think it’s confusing. A good film-maker seems to hint at things of the past more than explain them thoroughly. (This is not true in many cases though). And here, Florio seems to hint at things too much. The plot is very vague and should have been explained more. Instead, we keep getting these hints. And the big explaination that should have been is just another vague detail. Ofcourse we gather that Testi is there to avenge the wrongful imprisonment of his friend but it’s still vague. It’s explained in flashback like a silent movie without captions.


I agree, those hints are given indeed, but like you’ve said they are so vague that you don’t have the time to think about them and make the connections during the film. At least I couldn’t do it. Although I’m sure that some things will be much clearer on the second viewing.

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Yeah, I was confused on the first viewing, on the 2nd viewing everything was much clearer.

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The flashback structure was the most original thing of the film. This worked very well.
The relationship of Fajardo to his buddies in crime was a bit confuse.

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Saw this one recently, not the Koch release but the old fansubbed version though

I found the film rather dull, and a spaghetti western should be anything but vague, it should be stylish and over-the-top

Not a big fan of Fabio Testi either, he was ok in Four of the Apocalypse, but I don’t think he fits very well in SWs generally speaking

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I like this film in spite of it being a bit vague. But, between this one and Florio’s other Western, FIVE GIANTS FROM TEXAS, I have to confess to liking the Guy Madison film much better.

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I watched the KOCH DVD last night and was impressed! Im pretty nervous at seeing a new SW at this stage because after about 50 of them, Im not expecting to find much greatness.

This was just very enjoyable, and yes slightly confusing but it worked. I like the way very little was made explicit, not reels and reels of exposition. Fajardo was particularly cool in this I thought, with slighlty long hair. He looks great on a horse! The film had a strange atmosphere when it came to the villians, all those men living in the same house, sharing one woman without every explaining exactly what their M.O. was. Fajardo peering in windows, observing things etc.

The DVD is excellent, with my poor German I could only get a rough idea of what the director was saying in the interview. Still I picked up some general points about the movie. It would be great to have English subtitles for all these amazing Koch extras.

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I found this pretty good, although derivative in places. I thought the second half was better than the first. As various people have said, the various movements of the gold and ambushings by bandits were all slightly confusing. Once the hero got captured and beaten up and it all descended into over-the-top melodrama (reminded me of The Forgotten Pistolero abit), then I enjoyed it more.

As others have said, the music was decent (if unoriginal) and it seemed decently filmed.

Edit: the flashback were pretty good too I thought. Tied in well with the action in the present.

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looks more like a rip off of fistfull of dollars but in the good way ::slight_smile:

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a western drama full of emotion

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The questions are answered? Now I feel even stupider than I did at the end of the film. Emiliano still remains a mystery to me (no pun intended - see my username). The only info I could glean from the (admittedly well-incorporated) flashbacks is that at some point the town was taken over by the “bad guys” and that the girl is the daughter of the old man who “invests” in the protagonist. But I’m not even sure THAT is correct! What was up with the courtroom-like bits? I dunno, I felt this could’ve been a 4/5 if it wasn’t for the constant reminders that there was more to the plot than I was grasping (or that the film was revealing). It’s one thing to leave elements to the imagination, but the movie kept insisting on hinting at various things that (for me) were never resolved. Anyone wanna help an idiot out with this? Stanton got it all, it sounds like. :o