Dead Aim / Arde baby, arde (José Bolaños, 1975)

(Bad Lieutenant) #21


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(Provvidenza) #22

Strangely compelling, even despite the crummy fullscreen vhs rip I saw it on. For such a (relatively) recent Spaghetti Western, why no decent DVD?

(ENNIOO) #23

Would like to see a better print of this one myself.

(Stanton) #24

The German VHS has at least 1,78:1 widescreen.

(Major Clyde) #25

This is available from as a DVD-R from Synergy under the title “Dead Aim.” I haven’t seen it or own it so I can’t comment on the quality or aspect.

I see that amazon offers several DVDs-- all probably the same print packaged differently.

(Bill san Antonio) #26

Yep, the episodic stucture didn’t work that good. I liked the beginning but lost interest with the introduction of the new characters. There’s some nice morbid scenes but mostly i didn’t like the film that much. 2/5

(Mickey13) #27

Is it worth a watch?
It’s strange but I’ve never heard of this one before.

(ENNIOO) #28

Enjoy this one myself, like the odd feel the film has most of the time.

(kit saginaw) #29

It’s missing vivaciousness. I get the impression that Bolanos wasn’t thinking about entertaining a western-loving audience. -Which heightened the film’s flaws. The rifles didn’t fit the Civil War’s time-frame. The war, and the desert-setting can only be Texas. Gravediggers didn’t roam back 'n forth across Texas to make money. Families buried their own. Towns paid the local undertaker. And nobody’s gonna lob a stick of TNT into an armored-wagon full of gold as the first option. It’s the desert. Men are locked in a metal box. Use the dynamite to spook the horses. Later, as the sun does the work, wait the men out by relaxing with a canteen of cool water.

(Bad Lieutenant) #30

… It’s a freakin’ movie. Really though.

(The Man With a Name) #31

The East West Entertainment LLC release is better than the version I have in the multi-pack but it’s still a low quality transfer. I fell asleep watching this one. Not because I wasn’t interested in the film itself. I was just tired. I’m going to try and watch it again though. :slight_smile:

(The Man With a Name) #32

Anyone know if the El Paso release is superior to the East West Entertainment release?

(ENNIOO) #33

Just viewed this one again via the U.K pre cert vhs this time around. Fullscreen but a fairly sharp print for vhs. Still as good as I remembered, with a plot that keeps you watching for certain. Always forget the ending to this, which is not a bad thing, but the ending always surprises me !

(autephex) #34

I don’t think I’ve watched this since my last post in this thread, back in 2009, but this is an old favorite.

Does anyone happen to have any leads on a better print? I doubt it, but figured I’d ask

I think my original avatar on this board was actually from this film

Edit, just saw @stanton’s reply… anyone have this VHS?

(ENNIOO) #35

Big fan of this one myself.

(autephex) #36

If anyone has or can get the German VHS, I’d buy it for a reasonable price

what a crazy cover on that vhs ! riding a dang snake

(ENNIOO) #37

Yes great cover, getting in the mood for watching this one now again ha, ha.

(autephex) #38

is this the VHS you have/had @ENNIOO?

Sleeve Sypnosis:
A Brutal and Savage Western!
If ever a man was misnamed, it was ‘Johnny’, orphaned in a bloody gunfight and left for dead in a scorching desert. Johnny survived by becoming as tough as the world he lived in, with Death as his constant companion.

(ENNIOO) #39

Yes thats the one I have. It took me a while to pick that one up for a reasonable price.

(autephex) #40

I bet.

I had never seen the alternate title of Lucky Johnny before