Cut throats nine remake

just had a surprise when i went into my Horror movies c.a forum website, according to the news page there. Cut Throats Nine is to be remade in Toronto in 2010 with Harvey Keitiel, Mads Mkkeson, and Roy Dupois. interesting.

Mads Mikkelsen, Harvey Keitel and Roy Dupuis Are One Third Of Rodrigo Gudino’s CUT THROATS NINE!
by Todd Brown, October 29, 2009 7:09 PM
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Ladies and gentlemen, this would be what you would call a ‘dream cast’ for a first time feature director. Harvey Keitel has just joined Mads Mikkelsen and Roy Dupuis in the cast of Rodrigo Gudino’s Cut Throats Nine. Gudino’s debut feature after a trio of highly acclaimed shorts, Cut Throats Nine is a hard edged horror-western slated to go in to production in early 2010. Here’s the full announcement:

        Harvey Keitel joins international cast
        of Rue Morgue Cinema's flagship feature

        Toronto, CANADA - Rue Morgue Cinema in association with Someone At The Door Productions, is proud to announce its flagship feature film CUT THROATS NINE, a high action remake of the Spanish/Italian western Condenados a vivir, has attached veteran Hollywood actor HARVEY KEITEL (Pulp Fiction, Bad Lieutenant). Keitel joins a growing international cast comprised of Danish superstar MADS MIKKELSEN (Casino Royale, Valhalla Rising) and Canadian luminary ROY DUPUIS (The Rocket, La Femme Nikita).

        CUT THROATS NINE will be helmed by award-winning director Rodrigo Gudiño (The Facts In the Case of Mister Hollow) from a script by Gudiño and Joseph O'Brien (RoboCop: Prime Directives) based on a story by Joaquin Romero Marchent and Santiago Moncada. Marco Pecota will produce the film for Rue Morgue Cinema/Someone At The Door Productions. Award winning cinematographer Derek Rogers C.S.C. (Cube, Resident Evil: Apocalypse) is slated to lens the picture, with Kyle Glencross (300, Dawn of the Dead) handling the film's special effects.

        CUT THROATS NINE follows a wagonload of convicts as they travel the northern mountains to carry out their death sentences. Following a surprise attack from a gang of bandits, only the sergeant, his beautiful young daughter and seven of the most sadistic, murderous men alive survive the assault. CUT THROATS NINE in an original crowd pleasing experience that pushes the relatively subdued excesses of both the western and the horror movie into creative new territory.

        CUT THROATS NINE is set to go into production in Toronto in early 2010.

        Rue Morgue Cinema in association with Someone At The Door Productions has two other films in development, including the animated feature "Weaver Island" and the caustic drama "Grown Up Suzanne".

A REMAKE OF CUT-THROATS NINE?!! I wouldn’t have expected that!

Make a nice double feature with Toy Story 3, so stoked!!

Seriously, if there would be a remake of SW, i wish it would be a better film, as the original sucks. Then again this is probably the most fitting for a remake what with the great plotline…

Have to watch it out of sheer principle.

This could work. I thought the original story line was good. Few of today’s movie-goers will have even heard of CT9 so the remake factor is low. Sounds good to me.

At least it could mean a decent dvd release of the original, maybe by Severin.

This sounds promising.

Impressive casting.

But no CGI I hope!

I think the Rue Morgue people are behind it, aren’t they?

At least that’s what I heard.

Well, if this project gets off the ground it seems that 2010 will be the year of the Spaghetti Western revival with both a remake of CT9 coming out as well as the re-invention of COMIN’ AT YA!

EDIT: Ignore the RUE MORGUE comment. I just realized it was mentioned.

I talked with Dan van Husen yesterday January 10, 2010 and he told me “Cut-Throats Nine” has been shelved for the time being with no shooting schedule in sight. He was told by the production company it would not go into production in 2011 if at all.

Ahh… and I was really looking forward for this one, bummer.

that’s a shame.

That was a rapid change of opinion. :o

Two weeks ago, he made (in relation to another fan) a different statement: The production would begin in the spring.

I quote:

“I have the thumbs up for the remake of CUT THROATS NINE , shot in Canada in spring 2011 with Mads Mikkelsen and Harvey Keitel. I was in the original film in 1972
best wishes” (

Dan told me he hadn’t heard anything so he called the production company pretending to be a journalist looking for a story on the new production and was told the project had been shelved and there was nothing scheduled for 2011.

There’s a poster.