Could anyone help with

Initially, I have tried to find a parcel forwarding service in Spain for this. I have found two but the fees are outrageous at the first and the second seems to be defunct. I would like if someone from Spain could buy 3 FNAC Blu-ray exclusives for me and send them to Montenegro. I’ll cover all expenses and could send a little modified BD-R copy as gratitude.

Sorry, ‘djvaso’. I can’t help with your enquiry…

However, at first glance, and to the casual observer, your post almost reads as ‘Could anyone help with Faeces?’

Wishing you all the best, amigo…

Only to dirty minds :wink: haha

@djvaso what do they habe doesnt?

They have Filmoteca Fnacional edition.

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How about FNAC in another country?

Unfortunately, they are Spanish exclusives. And their shipping cost is exorbitant one.

What does the “Filmoteca Fnacional” (nice pun) have that the regular one doesn’t? The regular one is on

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It has 32-page booklet, transparent Scanavo keep case and different cover art.

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I arranged delivery to address of friend’s friend in Germany with reasonable delivery cost of EUR 11.71. They charged my Visa card for EUR 1.00 from fnac webpozuelo de al es and then received cancellation mail:

I have contacted customer service but I am expecting some kind of automated replay.

Here is the replay:
“Estimado cliente:
En respuesta a su consulta, le informamos de que su pedido"1xxxxxxxxxxxx” ha sido anulado debido a una incidencia en en el cobro.
Gracias por contactar con el servicio de atención al cliente de"
What does it mean?!

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Perhaps some kind of fraud control? You paid using your VISA card for having the goods delivered somewhere else than your home address.

Probably it is.

An amount of $1 suggest they were testing the account since you were using an unverified card. That should be refunded automatically within a few days (it probably already has been by now).

I would try putting the order through again since the card does actually seem to work (they have now verified it). Alternatively, did your bank block it as an unrecognized foreign charge - perhaps there is a hold on your card now?

I made another order and they reserved one euro again and charged full amount later.

All’s well that ends well:

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