Cool Song about Spaghetti Westerns

Blues Rock artist Black Smith Hopkins has got a new album “Ammunition to Oblivion” and there is a song called Spaghetti Western you can hear it at

Thought you guys might enjoy it let me know what ya think ?


Frankly, it’s not my cup of tea

Sounds great - ‘tis my cuppa - an’ “spaghetti westerns won’t be forgetten by” him for sure! What’s he also singing tho? “Spaghetti westerns never produced the good”?
Anyway - good dirty blues of the variety that goes down well in my parish. 8)
An’ Tony Anthony and Steffen get a namecheck (amongst others).

Yeah “never produced the goods” not in a bad way I think he means they are under appreciated, by the film industry etc

Like look at the new film “Jonah Hex” I havnt seen it yet myself (because I dont think it will get an theatrical release in Australia) but judging by the trailers I don’t think they got it correct it should be a very simply film to make Anti-Hero vs bad guys but no they give him super natural powers & put gatlin guns on his horse etc…

Just listening to it now, I’m with the Rev, good stuff here!

Thanks for the post natos…