Commonly used plot devices

I am putting together a list of films where the hero or anti-hero is released from prison or the film has some type of prison back story. I know this is a commonly used device, so thanks for any input!

‘Antes llega la muerte’ aka ‘Seven from Texas’ (1964)

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Will a prison labour camp do?

The first ones that spring to mind are LVC’s release in Death Rides a Horse and the water trough in Ben and Charlie.

The Long Days of Vengeance, And God Said to Cain.

Yes. Any thing having to do with prison will work.

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Forgot Ben and Charlie! Thank you!

‘California’ (1977) Prisoner of war camp … not to forget Gemma’s other post war time in stir, ‘One Silver Dollar’ (1965)
‘A Colt in the Hand of the Devil’ (1973) also begins with Robert Woods on a chain gang.
‘Dead Men Ride’ aka ‘Anda Muchacho Spara’ (1971)
Jim Brown escapes from a prison camp at the beginning of ‘El Condor’ (1970)

There must be lots of others … I’ll get back to you after I have a coffee :smile:

Brett Halsey ( Montgomery Ford) is released from prison at the beginning of ‘Today we kill, tomorrow we die’ (1968)
Anthony Steffen too, in ‘10,000 on the Black’ aka ‘Blood at Sundown’ (1966)
and of course ‘Ringo’, Giuliano Gemma is in jail (briefly) at the start of ‘A Pistol for Ringo’ (1966)

I hope the ones below also can help you.

The hills run red. Thomas Hunter spends 5 year in prison before he is released.
In “Una ragione per vivere e una per morire” some convicts are recruited (as in the dirty dozen)
Cuchillo in both movies escapes from a prison cell
Face to face: Bennet gets out of prison (I can’t recall how)
Sugar colt? A compete cavalry detachment is put in prison / hostage
Django II (Il grande ritorno); Django escapes from the mines where people are enslaved
Il mercenario: Kowalski was taken prisoner and escapes during an attack by the federales

These maybe a bit obvious … ‘El Indio’ FAFDM, plus ‘Sancho Perez’.
Betterville Prison camp in GBU … Juan Miranda releasing the prisoners at Mesa Verde, in ‘Fistful of Dynamite’

And for a bit of pure conjecture, Harmonica in ‘OUTW’ must have been doing a 30 year stretch, before eventually tracking down Frank … Bronson was about 47 when he shows up at ‘Cattle Corner’, and in the flashback when Frank hangs his brother, he’s clearly a teenager … what the hell was he up to all those intervening years ??? :smile:

I’m guessing he needed a couple decades to hone his harmonica playing skills!

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Yes, they do help! Thank you.

That’s a great thought on Harmonica!

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“Spara, Gringo Spara!” Where Stark escapes proson by pretending to have the plague.

Apocalpse Joe, when Steffan is put in jail for killing the six men at the beginning.

Arizona Colt, Gemma escapes with Fernando Sancho during a jail break.

‘A Man Called Sledge’ (1970) a gold robbery and prison revolt are central to the story - The same prison set is used again in the final scenes of ‘Hannie Caulder’ (1971)

Van Cleef is also in jail awaiting execution at the start of ‘The Stranger and the Gunfighter’ (1974)
‘Killer Kid’ (1967) Anthony Steffen escapes from a military jail.
‘Bury Them Deep’ (1968) Craig Hill helps Ettorre Manni escape from the military fort jail.

Milian escapes from jail in Run Man Run & Tepepa.