Colt in the Hand of the Devil [Simple Movie]

Pronto Amigo

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1 anamorphic
Dub: Italian, English, German

Enjoy :slight_smile:


ARGH! The anti-American ImageBanana thing!! No pic for us Yanks. :frowning:

Oh sorry. Hosted at imageshack now … Better luck I hope :slight_smile:

Bravo, amigo! Gracias!!!

Looking forward to this release, too!!

This one wasn’t released in Germany, so I wonder how it could be 7 min longer.

Are you sure it wasn’t released in Germany?
I know you’re very precise, but there might be a complication here:

There are two films with titles that could be translated as “Ein Colt in der Hand des Teufels”:

  • Una Colt in mano al diavolo (1972, Gianfranco Baldanello)
  • Una Colt in pugno al diavolo (1967, Sergio Bergonzelli)
    ‘Pugno’ means, of course, ‘fist’, still the second one seems to be the movie we’re talking about here

This title ‘Pronto Amigo’ really seems ‘German’ to me, just like ‘Hallelujah Compañeros’ (Arizona Colt)

When you go to the following address, you can watch the international trailer first, then the Italian trailer (click on ‘pugno del diavolo’, in the right corner); you’ll notice the Italian trailer is longer and contains some very violent scenes that were apparently cut from the international trailer (and who knows the international release as well)

why don’t you just upload it to the database?

According to Bruckner this was released in 1970 in Germany. This version is the uncut one which probably is 7 minutes longer than the German version. Some scenes are perhaps in Italian only with subtitles? Unless a German dub exists for the uncut version.

Ashes over my head!!!

Scherp and Sören, you are both of course right.

I had assumed / hoped it was the Baldanello SW, which is on my search list.

Just to cloud (or lighten up) things further I’ve just received the German poster for Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen aka Perché uccidi ancora aka Why Go On Killing? … Nothing special in that and wouldn’t be related to this subject if it wasn’t because the title specifying Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen and cast is actually just a big sticker that’s been attached to an existing poster. The funny thing is that the sticker is partially see-through and the original title on the poster is dada … Ein Colt in der Hand des Teufels - Pronto Amigo

Well Jetzt sprechen die Pistolen was released in 1967 in Germany the same year that A Colt in the Hand of the Devil was made so was it perhaps considered released already then in Germany but then postponed three years for some reason and instead of just trashing all the already-made posters they just applied a big sticker with another spaghetti western that was due? Anybody knows?

I’m gonna take a photograph of the poster in question as soon as possible and post it in this thread so you can see what I mean.

So Søren, you’ve started to collect German posters as well?

Yes unfortunately I’ve expanded my spaghetti western collecting to include German items as well. Mainly because so much is readily available for little money. Far easier than locating Danish material of course due to there having been many more spaghetti western-showing cinemas in Germany than in Denmark. And not only posters I’m afraid, I always go all the way and collect everything, filmprograms, press release material, lobby cards. Have a massive package on the way from Germany with material as we speak.

Now available at Xploited Cinema, four different covers.

Watched the film the other day from a T.V print and quite enjoyed, with nice music from Gian Piero Reverberi.
Oh, and Bob Henri is one tall guy!

Just put my order in for the DVD though. has it for 15 euro for those of us situated in Europe:

i always wanted to try dtm. do they accept PayPal?
I have to see if Italopapst has it

[quote=“Sebastian, post:16, topic:985”]i always wanted to try dtm. do they accept PayPal?
I have to see if Italopapst has it[/quote]
DTM accept credit card, Sebastian. It doesn’t get any better than that :slight_smile:

Is italopapst up and running again? Had a fellow Dane run into some major problems with them. No delivery and promise after promise where nothing happened. Have read about several Germans which have had problems too.

yeah I had problems myself, but eventually all my stuff arrived at my doorsteps. maybe the guy was buy. italopapst is not the most professional place to buy your spaghetti shit, that’s for sure. but they got some good offers sometimes and they accept paypal

Certainly. I’ve bought a lot from Oliver at italopapst myself but stopped when things started to slow down. But yes they do have a lot of nice cheap stuff :slight_smile:

Paypal isn’t a plus in my book, the exchange rate between Euro / Danish Kroner is more expensive than when paying using a credit card plus if something goes wrong there is no security net when using Paypal (I guess?). When you use a credit card and don’t get your stuff you can always file a complaint at your card issuer (your bank) and get your money back at once. At least that’s how it works in Denmark :slight_smile:

paypal is the security net. it acts as a trust. it is almost better than creditcard, plus most people use the credit card to pay through paypal anyhow