Clint Eastwood

Informative, enthusiastic, bursting with expertise :slight_smile:

It’s Clint’s birthday tomorrow, now there’s a deadline.

Happy 88th to the man!



I’ll second that.

He’s still the only gringo who can get away with that poncho :grin: Happy Birthday Clint

Happy Birthday Mr. Eastwood !

Hi Sebastian,
I emailed you a review of the Clint Eastwood book on 9th July - any feedback?


I will reply. Forgive the delay. Busy all around :slight_smile:

No bother - just checking you got it

Happy 89th to the main man! :cowboy_hat_face:


Wondered why ‘For a Few Dollars More’ was being screened on BBC2 tonight - at least they chose a good one :smiley:


Even though Clint has been involved in some great films since the 60s, my favourites are still the Leone trilogy.

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Nothing above, nothing like it. When it comes to Clint Eastwood films mind.

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He is my favorite SW actor ( just before Lee Van Cleef), and he also is my favorite actor overall in non SW movies, probably partly because he plays caracters I like.

My favorite non SW with Eastwood is still a western and directed (as far as I can judge) by himself in a clear SW style (maybe except for the location outside Spain or Italy).
That is High Plains Drifter, which also has a very good main music theme.

His other real american western appearances and the Dirty Harry films are also very good performances.

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