Circuito chiuso aka Closed Circuit (1978)

Does anybody know where I may watch this SW related film or does anybody has information about an upcoming DVD release?

Closed Circuit (Circuito chiuso, 1978)
Directed by Giuliano Montaldo, Italy

Plot: While watching a Spaghetti Western a man is shot dead in his seat inside the movie theater. The police seal off the theater and try to track down the killer, but no weapon is found! An obscure thriller starring Flavio Bucci, Tony Kendall, Aurore Clément, William Berger and Giuliano Gemma.

Well, I found a rip on Cinemageddon, but if you don’t have an account there the best I can find is a clip on YouTube :stuck_out_tongue:

This Google search should be useful… :wink:

Circuito chiuso Montaldo Sección oficial de largometrajes

[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:3, topic:3516”]This Google search should be useful… :wink:

Circuito chiuso Montaldo Sección oficial de largometrajes[/quote]

I’ve tried that, too! However, a kind-hearted soul could help me out! ;D

Hey Jonny Powers, damn… i was some weeks too late, would it be possible to make the dropbox available for one or two days again?

i’m looking for that movie for years… thanks so much.

thank you so much, i can’t tell you how glad i am to finally see this film again after … 30 years or something. made my day, very much appreciated!

Anyone able to upload this anywhere, or point me in the direction of a decent DVD?
I’ve been wanting to see this again for years.
I caught it, as a child, on the BBC, and it was such a strange ending, it’s stuck in my mind ever since!

The movie is currently available on YouTube

The next person who links to illicit downloads of intellectual property will have to accept a formal warning, folks. Seriously… not funny.

At any rate, interesting sounding TV movie

Thanks for the link. Sadly there’s no subtitles.

Despite being originally intended for TV, Montaldo’s movie was screened at Berlin International Film Festival.

When about a year later (July '79) Closed Circuit was submitted to the Committee for the Theatrical Review some actors asked new contractual agreements, so the film was never released theatrically.

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Any sign of a dvd or streaming with UK subtitles?