"Cinema Retro: The Dollars Trilogy"

Does anyone have this and if so would they recommend it? When you see a list of the contents of each issue of “Cinema Retro” it sounds fabulous but from the glances I’ve had (admittedly, only online) of the insides it doesn’t look so appealing; lots of photos, minimal text, and not-so-great layout. This is the second “Cinema Retro Special” the first being a limited edition of 500 on WHERE EAGLES DARE that sold out and is now selling for big bucks on eBay, so if I do need this I want to try and buy it now, while it’s still generally available.

http://www.spaghetti-western.net/forum/index.php/topic,2688.0.html Here you can find discussion about it.

I found little to no new information but for an Eastwood/Leone/Spaghetti Western Collector it’s a great issue. I don’t recall seeing any new photos, posters, lobby cards but it’s still a nice homage to the $ Trilogy.

Thanks! I did do a search before posting but it came up blank.