Chino / Valdez, il mezzosangue (John Sturges, Duilio Coletti, 1973)

(ENNIOO) #41

Never thought of Chino as a U.S or Euro western in feel, but some where in the middle of these two.

(Stanton) #42

That kind of scenes you find easily also in older US westerns, and is surely no unique Spag feature. For example in other westerns written by screenplay-writer Clair Huffaker like The Comancheros (1961) and Rio Conchos (1964).

I can’t remember any single thing in Chino which is done in a typical SW fashion.

(The Man With a Name) #43

That’s true.

(MMcG) #44

Here are some old photos that I found online from the town scene in Chino…

Unfortunately, all that is left of this site is rubble…