Charity and the Strange Smell of Money / Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari (Italo Alfaro, 1973)

Original title: Sentivano uno strano, eccitante, pericoloso puzzo di dollari

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It´s a comedy westen for sure. Really don´t know others S.W. from 1973, but the golden age for spaghetti was finishing ???
Some faces can be remembered here, Piero Vida (A genius, two partners…), Rosalba Neri and Spartaco Conversi. The main character (actor Rober Malcolm) is unkown. There is another ‘Mexicano bandido’ very alike with Fernando Sancho, unfortunatelly couldn´t attach here some screenshot from his face.
I liked the film, is enjoyeable :smiley:

My version:
FullScreen, from a greek VHS
English audio
Forced greek subtitles

My vote: [5/10]

Not to long into the film we are introduced to a man who thinks he is in a ganster film rather than a western and crude talking parrot. Welcome to the world of the 70’s western that thinks its funny in some kind of way. Few characters looked similar to each other as they have dodgy looking moustache’s. Simple plot involving some cash in this routine film.

Wow just viewed this one again in a better print, who knows why but I did !. When you have cheesy electronic music and jokes that are ten times worse than mine, you have to ask yourself a question… Why was this film made, simple the answer is in the title of the film.

A Spaggie made for charity, surely a first.

It’s bad beyond belief. The first twenty minutes alone could drive a sensitive soul over the edge. What a slough of despond to wade through. Neri’s Western nadir.

I don’t remember much about it. I saw it 6 years ago and wrote only few words in “Last western” topic:
“Standard comedy western stuff with fake priest and endless fist fights. Recommended for completists only.”

And for masochists.

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Guess I’m the only one looking forward to it appearing on blu-ray then :slight_smile:

It’s years since I watched it and can’t remember anything at all. I have the greek VHS mentioned in the original post somewhere and that is the version I watched.

I guess somebody had a blast concocting that insane title. Maybe they should have spent more time on perfecting the movie.

This just showed up on Amazon prime?

And what happened to that Blu-ray?

LOL. I guess nobody picked it up for release :slight_smile:

Does that mean there’s a HD scan available or you were just hoping there would be a Blu-ray in the near future?

Interesting film title. :cowboy_hat_face:

It was a joke :slight_smile: Can’t imagine anyone willing to release it or anyone willing to buy it… Well you and I would of course but I don’t think that’s quite enough.

Yeah, we’re sick people. I got hold of the Greek VHS but haven’t watched the film yet, so I’ll be taking a look at it soon.

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I watched it via the Greek VHS many many moons ago actually. Still got the tape somewhere. I think that even Wild East would think twice about releasing it on dvd but let’s see.

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