C'est La Vie DVD

(korano) #1

This UK DVD company suppoesedly releases region 2 discs but they seem tobe region 0. Will they work on a US DVD? I made this as to not getoff topic in the sartana in the valley of death post.

(Silver) #2

Well…theoretically if they are actually R0 then they should work on any dvd player…

(Phil H) #3

Silver is right of course but the key word here is ‘theoretically’. I have a DVD player in my room which only shows U.S Region 0 discs in black and white. I have no idea why. My other players all play them fine.

(Silver Wolf) #4

I don’t think it has anything to do with region codes, more likely because your dvd player/tv is not compatible with NTSC. Does you dvd player (or tv) have options like “Picture format: PAL/NTSC/AUTO DETECTION”?

(korano) #5

My point would be that their DVD’s are PAL. Sartana in the Valley of death was region 0 PAL but worked on my DVD.

(Silver) #6

You’re right with the comments there. My dvd player is NTSC compatible but it still only plays some of the R0 ntsc discs i have. Others it flat out rejects for some reason…

(Bad Lieutenant) #7

Strangely enough in my experience usually the cheaper the dvd player, the more discs it will swallow.