...cause it's your birthday!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #101

Happy Birthday, Topo. Hope you had a great day.

(Phil H) #102

All the best on your birthday mate from the wife and I.

(ENNIOO) #103

Best wishes from me El Topo ! :slight_smile: .

(scherpschutter) #104


And don’t look so frightened, [size=12pt]princi[/size][size=12pt]pessa[/size], you’re beautiful (and daddy’s watching over you) !!!

Well, the last remark is probably no consolation … :wink:

(Mickey13) #105

Happy Birthday, El Topo!

Have a glass of finest Port wine. :wink:

(John Welles) #106

Happy Birthday El Topo!

(Asa) #107

Many happy returns of the (yester)day, El Topo!

(El Topo) #108

[quote=“last.caress, post:107, topic:220”]

Many happy returns of the (yester)day, El Topo![/quote]

Ah what the heck I can’t remember nothing of what I did when I was 24

Thanks mates still in recovery afear last nigh abuse (no Porto Wine, only red wine, straight from the barrel), and already packing to go to Luanda, what a life

(Mickey13) #109

I said a glass, not a barrel. Ah… well… maybe it’s better than way, no need to wash anything afterwards. Glad you had a great time. :wink:

(Yodlaf Peterson) #110

Happy birthday Eli Wallach, 98 today.

(Mickey13) #111

Happy birthday, Mr Wallach! :slight_smile:

(John Welles) #112

Happy Birthday Eli Wallach! What an incredible age!

(ENNIOO) #113

Wonder if he will make it to a 100…
Noticed his wife is still alive aswell at 87. They have been married since 1948…wow !

(Mickey13) #114

I’m certain they are a very lively couple. :wink:

(El Topo) #115

Here we are

Happy birthday Rev

Have a good one amigo

(Reverend Danite) #116

Cheers ET :slight_smile: but that’s NOT the thread I was referring to…
I’m in the bowels of the vaults still lookin’…
It’s around here somewhere ???

(Reverend Danite) #117

Nope! Can’t find it but I was certain there was a thread, long since dead, about members and facial hair.
My age is playing tricks then, I reckon?

Anyway thanks to you all on either thread for the wishes,
I’m going for a beer or cider to contemplate old age and water that tache.

(Stanton) #118

Happy moustache Rev …

(Yodlaf Peterson) #119

Happy birthday Rod.

Does the tash look more Victorian since I saw you?

(Mickey13) #120

Happy birthday, Rev! :wink: