...cause it's your birthday!

(ENNIOO) #81

Have a great one !

(Mickey13) #82

Happy birthday, Scherp! :slight_smile:

(John Welles) #83

Scherp, Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

(Stanton) #84

… and some German greetings for you:

(Phil H) #85

Many Happy Returns, Scherp.

(El Topo) #86

Happy Birthaday Sherp, here’s my gift mate, not as good as a bottle of wine but…

(scherpschutter) #87

Beckenbauer a bit of a surprise there …

(El Topo) #88

Yeah he replaced Karl Marx I think

(scherpschutter) #89

Didn’t Marx play on the left?

Imagine that attacking force: Marx on the left, Nietzsche on the right and that guy Hegel (history has a purpose) right smack in the middle.

(El Topo) #90

And Kant as a playmaker :slight_smile:

(Asa) #91

Happy birthday to… um, ME! 41 today, but considering the drag factor of a mental age of about seven, puts me nicely in my early twenties, again. Hurrah!

(John Welles) #92

Happy Birthday!

(scherpschutter) #93

Happy Birthday !

(Asa) #94

Thank-you, gentlemen! Most kind. :slight_smile:

(ENNIOO) #95

Have a good day !

(Yodlaf Peterson) #96

Happy birthday, last.caress.

(Mickey13) #97

Happy birthday!

(El Topo) #98

Happy Birthday and welcome to 41 club, 41 it’s the new … something

(Asa) #99

Well, thank-you kindly, all. I had a great day, in which I enjoyed (Hm. I say “enjoyed”; not sure if that’s quite right… “I was pleased to have experienced…” might be more apt) Four of the Apocalypse. Strange stew of contradictions, that film. Slow, a little disjointed, but incredibly violent and with an all-time great villain in an almost unrecognisable Thomas Milian, although said villain, as brilliant as he was, was a) frustratingly underused and b) a shade too close to a modern(ish) era Charlie Manson-type villain who might’ve been more at home in a Dirty Harry pic than wandering the badlands of a century past. Still, I have to doff my cap to anything attempting a bit of different. F*ckawful score, though. Really, horrible.

Sir, I’ve just decided that 41’s the age of the Goddamn Sexual Tyrannosaur, as I’m going to be explaining to mrs.caress shortly. Although, that celebratory chinese takeout I wolfed down earlier is laying on me rather heavily now. Vexing me, it is. Maybe I’ll just take some antacids and have a lie down. Ah, middle age. We are the kings of all we survey, when our bellies aren’t obscuring it all. :slight_smile:

(El Topo) #100


It’s dad birthday, but I get the gifts