...cause it's your birthday!

(Silence) #41

Happy belated birthday Stanton!

(Bill san Antonio) #42

Happy birthday to our il grande sceriffo, Sebastian!!

(Silence) #43


(I...I...Idiot) #44

Happy B-Day Seb.

(davidf) #45

many happy returns Seb. you’re an icon! :smiley:

(Phil H) #46

Happy Birthday Seb. Hope it’s been a good one.

(Dillinger) #47

Wie man so schön sagt:

Nachträglich noch alles Gute zum Geburtstag, Sebastian!

Ich, der ich ebenfalls ein Sebastian bin, kann nicht zu unrecht sagen: WIR SIND DIE BESTEN!
Und Du jetzt schon 26 jahre lang.
Nicht schlecht Herr Specht.

Ich wünsch Dir Gesundheit und, naja, das ist eigentlich das Wichtigste…

(Pacificador) #48

I’ll drink to Seb tonight!

(The Stranger) #49

Congratulations on your birthday, dicfish.
I thank you on behalf of all Spaghetti Western fans that you provided the database with images. The color you put in the database. I found it always to sad that there were always good reviews, but those reviews were always colorless. And thanks to you, there are now a variety of pictures, posters, etc.
I wish you a wonderful day. Celebrate it, my friend.

(scherpschutter) #50

Congratulations dicfish !

(Stanton) #51

Herzlichen Dingsbums

and go on like you did

(davidf) #52

happy Birthday Dicfish :slight_smile:

(Silence) #53

Have a good one!

(El Topo) #54

Happy Birthday Dicfish or Parabéns

(ENNIOO) #55

Have a good one…will have an orange juice tonight for you !

(scherpschutter) #56

My German is not what it used to be, 'cause I had never heard of this word …
… And still don’t know what it means

(Stanton) #57

dingsbums or dings can be everything

(note from the great translator: thingy or thingamajig)

(scherpschutter) #58

[quote=“Stanton, post:57, topic:220”]dingsbums or dings can be everything

(note from the great translator: thingy or thingamajig)[/quote]

I thought so. We have in Dutch the word ‘ding’ too, which has the same meaning as the German ‘Ding’ (at least I think so); even in Belgian French the word ‘dingue’ is sometimes used in the sense of ding/thing, even though the original meaning of ‘dingue’ is ‘crazy’ (thing/ding in French is ‘truc’ or ‘trucmuche’)

It was of course this ‘bums’ that made me think of other things (that I won’t mention)

(Stanton) #59

I have no idea what you were thinking about … :wink:

(I...I...Idiot) #60

If I’m correct, I believe our beloved Harm aka Bad Lieutenant has a birthday today! If so, Happy’ I’m Glad Your Parents Had Sex’ Day to you!!! :slight_smile: