...cause it's your birthday!

(ENNIOO) #21

Happy Birthday Man with a Name !

(Phil H) #22

Many happy returns.

(Silence) #23

Happy birthday Man With a Name! 8)

(alk0) #24

Happy birthday! See ya tomorrow [if you survive of course :wink: ]

(Stanton) #25

Some good wishes from me too

(Tigrero) #26

Happy birthday for yesterday.

Are you still with us or did the old ticker give in? How’s the horse? Did he survive?

(LankyFellow) #27

All the best , afterwards

(davidf) #28

Thanks Guys! yes i survived although today at work i did feel my age after last night, :stuck_out_tongue: had quite a lot of wine, but i didn’t get any complaints ;D.finally tigero, sadly the horse didn’t make it , on the third run he went lame and had to shoot him :frowning: he he :o

(Pacificador) #29


(LankyFellow) #30

Happy birthday , Stanton

Another three years and the five is ahead :wink:

(Bluntwolf) #31


HAVE A BLAST !!! :slight_smile:

(alk0) #32

Many happy returns, Stanton!

(scherpschutter) #33

Congratulations, Stanton

(ENNIOO) #34

Have a good one Stanton .

(davidf) #35

Many Happy Returns Dirk!you’re a good man :slight_smile:

(Stanton) #36

Thank you all my friends, see you tomorrow again, as I will follow now Ennio’s advise together with a couple of friends.


(scherpschutter) #37

He’s a good man, so he can’t be bad, but is he ugly?
Probably we’ll never know

(Pacificador) #38

But is he a fair man? :wink:

Cheers Stanton!

(AceHigh) #39

Happy birthday, Stanton! Three years behind me. And Happy belated b-day Man With A Name. You’re 27 days ahead of me.

(Phil H) #40

Happy Birthday Stanton.