...cause it's your birthday!

(Lode) #1

Happy birthday Sebastian. Stay cool and go on doing this very stylish page. ;D

(Sebastian) #2

thank you very much!

everybody enjoy! here’s some free whiskey and a few ladies (puts a bottle on the table and whistles to some girls)

yay! party!

(Cian) #3

Have a good one! Watch lot’s of SW’s.

(Cian) #4

Aha! I see that I have become a Gunslinger Trainee upon my 50th post!

(Bill san Antonio) #5

Happy Birthday and remember: “years don’t make you any wiser they just make you older” :slight_smile:

(Musket) #6

Yeah happy birthday

(Sebastian) #7

hey my girlfriend gave me a sweater with man with no name on the front and “in his own way he is, perhaps, the most dangerous person alive” on the back. how cool is that?

(Mannaja) #8

Be glad that you have such a nice girl, compadre :slight_smile: And happy belated birthday!

(Lanky gunman) #9

Happy birthday! hope you get a slapstick SW cream cake! ;D

(I...I...Idiot) #10

Guess what today is PACIFICADOR. Bottoms up & stay on your feet. Happy thirty ‘ahem’ th birthday. Let him eat cake!

(Silence) #11

I won’t be able to post anything at my birthday. Please congrat me anyways ;D

(Pacificador) #12

Thanks! Took the day off and will be celebrating with friends tonight. :smiley:

(Silence) #13

Oh I, almost forgot! Happy birthday Pacificador!!

(scherpschutter) #14

Many happy returns, Pacificador !

(davidf) #15

happy birthday pacificador :slight_smile:

(Pacificador) #16

Thanks folks! :slight_smile: Among other things, received the Appaloosa (movie and book) from the wife!

(Dillinger) #17

Happy birthday. Nice birthday present! great wife!

(alk0) #18

Belated birthday wishes from me as well!

(Silence) #19

Happy Birthday Tom B.!

(davidf) #20

i’ve finally done it i’m 50 today, a lot of people ( including me) didn’t think i’d make it but i’m still here. excuse me got to go my 10 year old son is away with school for a couple of days and me and the wife who is 9 and a half years younger than me are doing our own version of " TWO MULES FOR SISTER SARAH" she’s got her nun’s outfit and i’ve got my Clint Eastwood gear but then i realised we 've only got one horse so i’ve retitled it " TWO RIDES FOR SISTER SARAH". :stuck_out_tongue: ;D see you tomorrow if i survive :o