Cataloguing Featurettes project 👁️‍🗨️

according to IMDb filmart produced this

Edit: it was on this disc Almost Human/BluRay - The Grindhouse Cinema Database

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there is one “Tomas Milian: Acting on Instinct (2013): the star revisits The Big Gundown and reveals some of his acting secrets;” which could be comprised of material filmed during the same interview?

Just found it on his website as you wrote that hehe:

Looks like IMDB has the credits wrong though.

Had this thought as well! But it looks like the years don’t match according to his website. I’ll watch it anyway!

Also looking through the DB (what a useful resource :wink:) for RMR DVDs and there is an interview with Donal O Brien! From a 2008 Italian DVD lol :expressionless:

Yes this all confirms what a worthwhile endeavor it is to really catalog and double check all these featurettes. Going through all my DVDs and BluRays piece by piece to confirm these things. Sometimes the extras information in the database is really shoddy…

In the Company of Compañeros
Included on : Compañeros Blue Underground BR (Dir: Gary Hertz)
Year : 2001
Time : 17 mins
Language : Morricone (Italian w/ Eng Sub) Nero (English) Milian (English)
Interview with : Ennio Morricone, Franco Nero & Tomas Milian [Wearing a grey woolly hat with some kind of brim. Milian hat Check #3 ]
Both Nero and Milian speak fondly of Corbucci. Milian details the proper procedure to wearing a beret, depending on what characteristic you want to show. Says Nero would have wrinkles drawn on his face to look older earlier. Nero discusses preferring to play a foreigner in westerns rather than an American, and having a minor fight with Milian during the filming. Morricone talks about using a different style for Corbucci, in this case Gregorian, to differentiate it from his work with Leone.

Speaking of chopped up interviews… I’m wondering if the Sollima one from the Face to Face DVD is cut from the big 56 min documentary on the German Sollima boxset?

we need someone with both to have a look at these right now :slight_smile:

Cataloguing features is a lot of fun. Lets me revisit a lot of stuff on my shelf. The last few weeks have really seen a tremendous jump in accuracy of information in the SWDb, and that starts with knowing what interview is included on what release, etc.


Fulci of the Apocalypse
Included on: Four of the Apocalypse Blue Underground/Anchor Bay DVD (Dir: Gary Hertz)
Year: 2001
Time: 17 mins
Language: Testi (Italian w/ Eng Sub) Milian (English)
Interview with: Fabio Testi (Pre Sean Connery-esque beard) & Tomas Milian [Wearing what looks like a cream kufi hat, Milian hat Check #4]
Notes: Both Testi and Milian think Fulci was a strange, difficult and sometimes cruel character, Milian felt pity for him because of it. Testi felt Fulci was testing him because he disliked actors and his girlfriend of the time (Ursula Andress) was on set in Austria. Milian only worked 5 days. He took the cross tattoos under his eyes from Manson’s swastika. Testi liked Milian and got on well with him.

Django Tell!
Included on: Django Kill… Blue Underground DVD (Dir: Gary Hertz)
Year: 2002
Time: 20 mins ( +5 mins if you include the bonus clip)
Language: Lovelock and Questi (Italian w/ Eng Sub) Milian (English)
Interview with: Giulio Questi, Ray Lovelock & Tomas Milian [Wearing the same blue beanie from RMR interview meaning it was all recorded together, Milian hat Check #5]
Notes: Milian didn’t want to do the movie because he thought Questi was too intellectual to make an action movie like a western but thinks in the end it’s the most cult movie of a cult genre. Questi took inspiration from his time in resistance groups during the war, also praises Franco Arcalli’s editing and ideas for being novel at the time. Lovelock came to think of Milian as an older brother.
Milian: “I was a very difficult actor” (lol)