Can anyone help me to identifye this movie?


I’m searching for a film I saw when I was a kid. I’m not sure if it’s a SW.

This is the story, as far as I remember:

Ii’s Winter, and Indians in a reseve are starving.
A gang of outlaws blockades the help sendings to arrive to the reserve.
A lonesome heroe, dressed in black, arrives to help the indians.
Lot of indians is allready dead and are buryed in the snow.
But, as far as I remember, the heroe wins over the outlaws and the ending is happy.

I know it almost sounds like “Greate Silence”, but I’m quite sure this is another film.
Can anyone help me to identifye this movie?

Somehow this sounds familiar but doesn’t ring a bell.

I believe this is american western though. Spaghetti westerns doesn’t usually have much to do with indians.

To me it sounds like ‘Twice a Judas’.

There are no indians in Twice a Judas, at least not in my version.

I’m not sure it was Twice a Judas I was talking about. I have a swedish VHS version of Massacre Time and there was a trailer after that in Sweden was called ‘Den Djävulska Hämnaren’, so I searched it on imdb and the only film I could find under that
title was Twice a Judas. However I’m sure it was indians in the trailer I saw.

The movie I was talking about is called Cry Blood Apache.

The only one western (not SW) that I can remember with starving indians was

Cheyenne Autumn (1964) - John Ford

but the synopsis it’s quite different…