California (Michele Lupo, 1977)

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I’ve got the NEW DVD and will be posting some screen comparisons versus the Japan blu-ray… a quick look at the Japanese blu, its alright but the picture is a bit soft as well as what looks like some compression artifacts showing in places… At a quick glance though, appears to be a significant step up despite not being the best HD transfer

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After comparing the two, it looks amazing compared to the NEW DVD. Some great shots as I was scanning through, I forgot how spagghy this one was for some reason. I don’t have the Koch or WE discs though, so I don’t know how it compares and if it may be an upscale from the Koch or something.

I’ll try and find some screens from the Koch disc for comparison, unless anyone who has it wants to upload some matching shots. Times for the shots are approximately: 3m21s, 9m21s, 38m08s, 1hr18m40s (times are from NEW, I didn’t take note of the blu times)

Japan blu:
1hr 40m

NEW dvd:
1hr 36m

(difference in run time appears to just be the PAL speed up of 4%)

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Hmmmm bad news amigos (or good news that you don’t need to bother with the blu), not faring so well against Koch’s DVD (found some screens on the web)

Film grain seems to be either scrubbed quite a bit, or perhaps this is just an upscale resulting in loss of detail present in the Koch. The colors also seem worse than the Koch:

Japan Blu top
Koch DVD bottom


Literally anything is better than the NEW DVD. I used to own that muddy shitty mess of a disc.

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yep, but what’s interesting is the Koch dvd seems to be much better than the Japan blu… unless you like your pictured filtered to hell. I can provide additional screen comparison of the Koch vs Japan if anyone wants them

I would have started out with a Koch vs Blu comparison, but I’ve been putting up with the NEW dvd all these years unaware of the Koch release as I had to take an extended break from this stuff after dedicating too much of my time to it… guess I better be careful now :laughing:

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The Blu probably could have looked quite good. Now it looks quite quite bad to me. Probably a combination of filtering and poor encoding. The only somewhat okay screenshot is the one where Gemma is pointing the rifle at the other guy but even that is not acceptable to me.

The master is probably good enough. Some people involved with this Blu are just incompetent and/or don’t care. Which feels like a quite common problem with Blu (and DVD) releases.

Obviously it’s much better than the NEW DVD.

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I’ve suspected this to be this case with most of these Japanese blu releases… there’s just too many of them for them to be quality

Although I’m not sure where their master came from - it appears to be a different print then than the Koch source, not just filtered. The credit sequence is totally different with different background images and it runs about 30 secs longer.

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The only Japanese Blu I have is Johnny Yuma, which looks pretty good. I don’t think I’ll be buying California since I already have the Koch DVD.


I think the Koch DVD is miles better.

I’d be interested if it’s not too much trouble.

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Here ya go

Blu top
Koch bottom

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Yeah, I’m sticking with the Koch DVD. Thanks for the screenies.

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Just out of curiosity, can anyone with the Wild East disc say if the credits match the Koch or this Japan blu? I assume that the WE disc matches the Koch print


Much obliged :slightly_smiling_face: